Plot: Thomas (Tom Berenger) was once an elite level sniper, but his days as a soldier have ended and now, he just wants some peace and quiet. Of course, a man with his unique skill set isn’t going to be left alone for long and soon enough, an offer arrives for a dangerous, but important mission. The target is a foreign general who engages in all kinds of horrific war crimes, with visions of a religious genocide, so Thomas sees the assignment as a worthwhile one. He is told the mission will be his most dangerous one ever and while the odds of success are low, the odds of making it back out alive after the hit are even lower. He demands a skilled spotter to assist him and he is assigned Cole (Bokeem Woodbine), a skilled soldier in his own right, but a man with a dark past who was taken off Death Row for this mission. Can this unlikely duo pull off one of the most dangerous missions of all time?

Entertainment Value: The original Sniper was a thriller with some bursts of action, but Sniper 2 takes a different approach and focuses on the action elements. This results in a more kinetic, fast pace movie, but it loses a lot of the atmosphere and tension of the first movie, so it is a trade off. The narrative is a familiar one, as it is similar to the plot of the first movie, but the dynamic is a little different this time out, so it isn’t a simple rehash in most ways. I think the dynamic between Berenger and Zane was more interesting, as there was more conflict and tension there, whereas this time around, the movie has more of a traditional mentor type dynamic. Berenger is fine in the lead and turns in his usual solid effort, which helps anchor Sniper 2 and keep it on track. Bokeem Woodbine is competent in his role here, but doesn’t have great chemistry with Berenger and that brings down the movie a little. Linden Ashby, Dan Butler, and Erika Marozsan are also on the roster here, in smaller roles. If you’re a fan of these b action movies, Sniper 2 has some fun moments, but veers too much from the original for my tastes, with generic action instead of the sniper driven approach.

No nakedness. I doubt anyone expected a romance to bloom between Berenger and Woodbine, so lack of sexual content is no surprise. A little blood, but the crimson has been toned down from the original. This is due in part to a shift toward a more generic approach to action, I have to assume. The sniper blasts from the first movie gave us nice splashes of the red stuff, but here we have more basic run and gun type action and the camera reveals little bloodshed in most scenes. Given the series is Sniper, the shift away from sniper combat is an odd one, but perhaps the slower pace of such duels was seen as a potential issue. A little tough guy and some mentor advice, but overall not much fun, wild, or memorable dialogue this time around. In the realm of craziness, this is a straight ahead action movie, so no real wackiness to mention.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 1/10

Overall Insanity: 0/10

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