Plot: A routine drug deal takes a violent turn when dealer Detroit (Soze Bagley) is double crossed by the Satan’s Own bikers, gunned down and left for dead. The bikers think they have a win/win situation, as they have the drugs and the money, but little do they know Detroit’s brother is a mad scientist. While his brother Doc (David Cairo) experiments on how to reanimate his fallen brother, his other brother Brooklyn (Dante Sellers) is more focused on hooking up with Kori (Danielle Page), a beautiful young woman he met at a bus stop. What Brooklyn doesn’t know is that Kori is involved with the Satan’s Own, so their romance seems doomed from the jump. Meanwhile, Brooklyn is shocked to learn that Doc has the corpse of Detroit, but he is thrilled when some powerful weed is used to bring him back to life…sort of. Detroit isn’t exactly himself and all he can say is “Gucci,” but it is still bad news for the Satan’s Own. Will Detroit get his payback on the bikers, or will they just put him down once and for all?

Entertainment Value: An indie horror/comedy that spins a ghetto version of the Frankenstein narrative, Frankenthug is a brisk, fun movie that knows what it is and embraces the b movie vibes. The low budget roots are obvious, but the enthusiasm and passion are just as evident and to me, that helps the movie rise above whatever budget limitations were present. The premise is a reanimated drug dealer out for revenge, but there’s also a romance subplot and the bikers plan a big party, both of which are woven into the main thread as well. All of this happens in just over 70 minutes, so the pace is quick and there’s not much time wasted, so the movie never feels slow or fails to hold your attention. The tone is light horror mixed with wild humor, topped off with an obvious love for old school b movie cinema, so it is silly and over the top, but that’s the point. The cast is fun to watch, especially David Cairo as Doc and Danielle Page as biker chick Kori. Cairo adds a lot of humor to the movie, while Page has a great scream queen vibe, which is always welcome. Frankenthug might be a little rough at times, but I had fun with this one and I am always glad to see indie horror made with this kind of passion and spirit.

An intermission features a rant about the lack of sleaze in modern horror movies, then supplies us with a topless woman in front of a proudly waving American flag. This is the lone nakedness in the movie, but at least it is prominent and inspires pride in the subtle art of bare breasts. The movie has frequent bloodshed, but the splatter is present via CGI and doesn’t look that good. I think the CGI effects here have an almost video game quality, especially the outlandish spent casings and muzzle flashes, so while it is still not ideal, there is some style involved at least. The scene where Detroit is first killed is an epic execution and goes beyond overkill, which is a fun touch. I also loved the low rent skull squash sequence, which was a lot of fun. The slapstick tone of the movie also means the CGI isn’t as much of an issue as it might have been if the film was serious, since it is just another silly element. The dialogue is goofy and over the top, with a focus on humor and zany moments. I found Doc to be the most consistent source of humor, but the bikers offered up some fun banter as well. In terms of craziness, the finale takes a wild turn and amps up the score, while the overall tone of the movie is so ridiculous that is ensures there’s never a dull moment.

Nudity: 1/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 4/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10

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