Plot: The infamous Double D Dude Ranch is the sexiest place in the west, which is why it seems like someone is always trying to take it over, despite the owner’s insistence that she will never sell. A couple of girlfriends arrive at the ranch to relax and soak in the splendor of the rugged outdoors, but quickly get pulled into the latest scheme from a shady lawyer who wants to buy out the ranch. The lawyer refuses to take no for an answer and is willing to do whatever it takes, even if it means threats of violence or sleeping her way to the ranch’s deed. Meanwhile at the ranch, despite the new threat from the crooked lawyer, the girls enjoy some life as cowgirls, including getting plenty of time in the saddle with each other and the ranch hands. But with the lawyer’s threats looming over the ranch, can anyone stop having sex long enough to show her the door once and for all?

Entertainment Value: This is a softcore porn spin on a comedy/western that turns out to be a fun ride, if you like breasts and bad jokes, that is. The movie does make an effort to include a narrative and while the naked women are the focus, the story does unfold between sex sessions. But of course, even our villainess prefers to shed her clothes than pursue a hostile takeover, so it is all in good fun and the movie always has a light, fluff texture. So if you prefer erotic thrillers to erotic comedy/westerns, Double D Dude Ranch might not be the ideal match. And if you’re after a traditional cinematic experience, this is again not your best choice. But if you want a blend of groan inducing humor, hilarious performances, and nearly constant naked women, Double D Dude Ranch hits the mark and then some. The cast puts forth a noble effort, but even in this thin material, the skill just isn’t there to pull off the humor. So the bad jokes just sink and to me, that is good news, as it adds to the fun. I do think most of the cast is enthusiastic as well, which helps the entertainment value. So if you want a late night style movie with humor and boobs, you’ve found it here.

This is softcore porn, so of course it is loaded with naked flesh, though the sex is of course non graphic in nature. But the movie never skimps on the nude women and most scenes have at least one naked chick, with a good amount of scenes packed with multiple naked ladies. The dudes undress as well, but they reveal little and even man ass is off limits in this one. In addition to a constant flow of bare breasts, there’s also bare asses and the assorted full frontal showcase. The focus is on the boobs though and believe me, the movie more than delivers in that area. Whatever the scene, these girls always find a way to get naked. No blood. There’s some very mild threats of violence, but they’re always defused with sex. The dialogue is hilarious and terrible, exactly what fans of this kind of cinema want. The cast is atrocious and stumbles over even simple lines, but it just makes the lame jokes even funnier. I was surprised by how frequent and fun the dialogue is here, as the writing tries to push humor into any moments of exposition and that was a wise choice. This is much, much more fun than typical softcore porn and that is thanks in no small part to the dialogue. As for craziness, this movie is filled with corny jokes, outrageous performances, humorous sex scenes, and general zaniness, so it earns a few points.

Nudity: 10/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 7/10

Overall Insanity: 5/10