Plot: Jason (Roy Kieffer) has battled addiction and works to turn his life around, but his roommate can’t seem to stop leaving mountains of cocaine in the kitchen. This is a real concern, especially since he only deals to irritate his father and Jason doesn’t want to relapse because of some family drama. He has chosen to throw himself into one of his non-narcotic passions as part of his treatment plan, so he spends a lot of time at the dance studio. He loves to teach dance and design dance routines, so it helps him keep drugs off his mind. But his roommate’s bad habits manage to impact him even beyond temptation, when some thugs begins to hassle him and soon, some violent events start to unfold. Can Jason somehow figure out this mess and choreograph himself a happy ending or will he be forced to dance…or die?

Entertainment Value: This is as ludicrous as it sounds, an outlandish cocktail of b movie horror, heavy handed moral lessons, and of course, modern dance. The movie has more dance routines and lame self help tips than horror, but we’re still given a fun, stupid crime thriller to follow. Although some b movies just have a few highlights padded out by mostly filler, Dance or Die is all substance and offers a consistent flow of terrible choices, all of which entertain. I mean, where else can you find these bizarre interpretive dance numbers, eroticism on a motorcycle, and a terrible crime saga, all rolled into one silly package? Of course, some folks need a competent narrative and good acting to get into a movie, so those types will let down here, as this is an oddball shit show from the jump and never stops with the fun. The plot leaps all over the place and makes no real sense and the performances are beyond wooden, but that just enhances the offbeat, weird ass vibes of Dance or Die. As I said, the movie piles on off the wall moments and has a brisk pace, so it gives until it hurts. For fans of strange, dance inspired cinema, Dance or Die is well worth a look.

A little naked flesh in this one, but it is brief topless and side boob shots, so don’t expect prime level sleaze. But given how strange the motorcycle erotica session is, I don’t think anyone will mind, as they will be too entranced to notice. As for violence, there’s some mild bloodshed, but it is non graphic and infrequent. A meal is attacked, a fish tank is assaulted, and of course, some dancers have to pay the ultimate price. As for dialogue, this movie brings the heat and gives us terrible, mind melting lines that are performed in wooden, stilted fashion. This includes dance lingo, lame insults, ineffective tough guy talk, and of course, ham handed moral lessons. I love the dialogue here, as it is so off the wall and random at times, but always hilarious. On the crazy scale, Dance or Die puts some impressive numbers and goes off the deep end time and again. The dream sequences, the erotic motorcycle, the modern dance routines, the ridiculous dialogue, and the self help guru talk, it all adds up to a wacky, off the wall movie that fans of outrageous b movies should appreciate.

Nudity: 1/10

Blood: 2/10

Dialogue: 7/10

Overall Insanity: 8/10

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