Plot: After a brief resurrection that saw him unleash a blood soaked spree, Dracula has been burned beyond recognition and along with the other corpses from the scene, is transported to the local morgue. As she inspects the charred remains, Elizabeth (Diane Neal) is stunned to discover that the intense burns seem to be surface only, as the internal organs aren’t burned and show some odd traits, as if blood has never passed through this individual. While she doesn’t believe in vampires, she does check the teeth and she discovers some retractable fangs, which in turn prick her finger and the corpse soaks up the blood in a rush. All signs point to some kind of strange phenomenon, but will Elizabeth and her friends uncover the truth in time, or will Dracula be once again let loose to feed on mankind?

Entertainment Value: Dracula 2000 was a fun, camp soaked ride, but this sequel puts the brake on the camp and tries to weave a serious narrative, which works out about as well as a wet fart. The movie tries to stretch an already thin premise to fill the duration, while the decent, but unremarkable cast struggles to make the mediocre material come off as serious. Had the movie recognized how poor this script is, perhaps dialing up the camp would have helped, especially since all but a few of the cast members are middling talents at best. Jason Scott Lee flounders in his role, as it gives him so little to work with, but expects a lot from him, while even Roy Scheider is unable to make the script seem passable in his small turn. Diane Neal is the stand out, as she at least cranks the drama a notch or two, but no one else was on board with that approach, especially Craig Sheffer, who is insufferable here. This movie also drops the hard rock vampire approach of the original, so it more or less feels like a generic vampire movie that latched on to the title and little else. I wanted to like Dracula II, as Dracula 2000 was fun cheese, but this is bland and overly serious instead.

No nakedness. The movie has some blood, but it is mostly aftermath blood or non violence based bloodshed, such as when they soak the shriveled vampire corpse in a blood filled bathtub. A few bites, slashes, and such pop up, but to be honest, this one has a lot less violence than you might expect. A few nice moments pop up, such as heads lopped off, throat wounds, and a cool face bite, but even these are non graphic for the most part and the nastiest moments happen off screen. So a lot of blood is seen, but little in terms of kinetic bloodshed. Jason Scott Lee’s role here had some real potential, but it is mostly wasted and what could have been a fun horror/action flick settles on minimal action to match the minimal scares. The tone is overly serious, but fails to tip over into unintentional humor, so the dialogue is mostly bland and forgettable. Some one liners from Lee would have been most welcome, but no such luck. As for craziness, again the serious tone dampens the fun and wildness, so we are left with a mundane vampire flick from start to finish.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 3/10

Dialogue: 1/10

Overall Insanity: 0/10

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