Plot: Derek (Idris Elba) has just gotten a big promotion and based on his continued success at his firm, is poised to be given a strong leadership role soon. He loves his work and the lifestyle it affords him, but his real passion is his family, including his beautiful wife, Sharon (Beyonce). The two have a great relationship and Derek seems to have it all, at least for now. Lisa (Ali Larter) arrives at his office as a temp and he is impressed with her skills, as she is efficient and intuitive, though the rest of the office only seems to notice how attractive she is. She takes an instant interest in Derek and even when she finds out he is married, she isn’t dissuaded. This leads to some innocent flirting from Derek, which Lisa interprets as him being interested in her and that only fans the flames of obsession. Will Lisa’s growing fixation with Derek and his life cause him problems, or can he defuse the situation before things erupt?

Entertainment Value: As a devoted fan of melodrama and dysfunction, I had a total blast with Obsessed. This one is like a Lifetime movie dialed up a few notches and given some big name talent, as it is soaked in melodrama and over the top hysterics, which of course, I love. I realize that not everyone appreciates high drama and relationships unraveling, but for those who do, Obsessed hits all the notes you want and has some super fun performances. Idris Elba tries to push down the melodrama, but it still shines through and when he lets some loose, his performance is hilarious and the bursts of over the top drama are immense fun. As is often the case in these kind of movies, he is played like a naive idiot most of the time, but male leads aren’t often given much else to do in this genre. Ali Larter is spot on as the potential homewrecker and she has a knack for when to dial up the melodrama. Beyonce has a smaller role, but she is so bad, it adds a massive dose of entertainment. Her late scenes with Larter, she is so outclassed but her terrible performance is fantastic to watch. Obsessed never pretends to be more than a tawdry, drama soaked ride and for those who appreciate Lifetime inspired melodrama, it offers a lot of fun.

No nakedness. The movie takes a novel approach in this area, as the male lead doesn’t actually succumb to the charms of our villainous vixen. The movie does involve some sexually charged situations, but no naked flesh is showcased. But given the PG-13 rating, that should come as no surprise. No blood. This one doesn’t go full psycho, just creeper and as such, violence is minimal. But we do have one wild, fun cat fight that yields some serious entertainment. I mean, Beyonce in a knock down, drag out affair is quite a sight, so that is a fun sequence. The brawl between the women is no action classic, but it does Lifetime proud and is a suitable payoff to the melodrama. The dialogue is fun here, if you appreciate melodrama laced lines, as this one refuses to take a subtle approach, though Elba tries to restrain his performance at times. But Larter is a drama seeking missile and once Beyonce boils over, she goes full camp and takes it way over the top, the kind of effort that makes Nicolas Cage seem grounded. So plenty of drama, melodrama, and dysfunction in the dialogue here. The melodrama makes sure the craziness earns some points, but the PG-13 keeps the reins tight otherwise. But Larter’s crazed stalker, Beyonce’s ridiculous performance, and the overall silly melodrama still makes Obsessed a wild ride.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 6/10

Overall Insanity: 3/10

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