Plot: After he slaughtered a number of victims at a historic hotel, Jacob Goodnight (Kane) is now dead and en route to the morgue for analysis. As the arrival of a serial killer’s corpse and a slew of his victims means a lot of work, the morgue assistants buckle down for a long night. Amy (Danielle Harris) was supposed to celebrate her birthday, but she sticks around to help process the myriad of bodies coming in, so her friends decide to show up and throw her a bash in the morgue. No one seems to mind the locale, so the party begins even with Goodnight’s cold corpse on a slab in the same room. But when one of the party guests decides to goof around and ride cowgirl on his dead body, it begins a chain of events none of them will forget. Jacob soon awakens from the grave and of course, he wants to pile up more bodies.

Entertainment Value: Kane returns in this sequel to See No Evil, which is finely polished, but a pretty bland, by the numbers slasher flick. The Soska Sisters took over the helm for this one, but don’t seem interested in adding fresh twists or even creative kills, which is a shame. The narrative is non existent, just an excuse for Kane to mow down more victims and while I don’t mind that approach, the lack of interesting kills and low blood quotient are questionable choices. If you don’t want to expend effort on the story, at least give us wild kills, blood soaked moments, or intense atmosphere, but none of those are present here. The pace drags when Kane isn’t featured, with odd threads about unrequited romance and bad friends. Given that there’s zero character development, it is weird to devote so much time to these personal dynamics, as there’s no payoff and it comes across like filler. But as with the first movie, Kane is able to salvage things to an extent, as he is a fun, natural horror movie villain. But with the blood and violence toned down, even he is limited in how much he can do. I have no idea why horror devotees the Soska Sisters would reel in the horror elements, but in the end, See No Evil 2 is a tame, rather bland experience.

No nakedness. A girl pretends to ride a corpse, but nothing is shown in that scene or any other sexual moments. So no sleaze whatsoever. Some blood, but not much, much less than was in the original. The only scene that stands out involves an eye gushing watery blood, which was kind of cool. The rest of the violence is pretty much bloodless, save some aftermath shots and even then, quite tame. Kane is such a fun villain, it is a shame the Soskas chose to neuter the violence in this one. In truth, the brief flashbacks to the original have more bloodshed than the rest of the movie combined, which is a real shame. The dialogue is mostly forgettable with some lame sex jokes and some mild drama, but those are the bright spots. As for craziness, no such luck here as the movie is content to sleepwalk through the usual tropes and conventions, never rocking the boat whatsoever.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 1/10

Overall Insanity: 0/10

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