Plot: Jake (Dan Haggerty) has just arrived in Los Angeles, but he is having some terrific luck already. He met a beautiful young woman, found a place to live, and even scored a job as a repo man, so now he just wants to live a quiet life and enjoy himself, but of course, things don’t go as planned. His job as a repo man leads him into some tough situations, including one where he has to crush a man’s testicles with his bare hand, but also into the life of a local crime kingpin. This crook might have cash, but he misses his payments often, so his name cycles through the repo system all the time. No one is able to secure the car and make it back, but Jake proves to be the exception and drives it right back into the repo headquarters. In the process, he has enraged the crime boss however, so now he is in for some real trouble…

Entertainment Value: This is such a ridiculous movie, but Repo Jake is also immense fun and such an odd cinematic curio. Dan Haggerty has the lead and plays an urban hillbilly who is a karate expert, race car aficionado, and master cocksman, despite looking like someone’s weathered grandfather. I mean, he effortlessly seduces a woman a fifth of his age and claims he would have won the Indy 500, though he is barely even able to fit inside a vehicle. All of this nonsense and more is why Repo Jake is such a fun movie, as it is clear someone was a huge fan of Haggerty and built this oddball 90s flick around his glorious beard. His performance is fine, though he seems out of place and is way too earnest for what the role seems to want, but that tends to work out and adds some awkward entertainment. The rest of the cast is colorful and fun to watch as well, with Robert Axelrod as a capable villain. I just had a total blast with Repo Jake, as it is so outlandish at times, but it also tries to have real emotion and heart, with laughable and enjoyable results. If you’re a fan of 80s/90s b action movies or just love Dan Haggerty, this is one you need to see.

A couple of topless scenes and one bare ass, but given that Jake raids a porn shoot, you’d think we would have a little more skin here. But in a sex scene where a woman trades sex to keep her Winnebago, we do get the awkward splendor of a douche who can’t take a hint to stop biting her nipples. And while not sex, the romantic dinner between Jake and the woman young enough to be his great-granddaughter is beyond creepy, but also tons of fun. No blood. This one has some action driven violence, such as the ball squeeze I mentioned before, but there’s only minor red here, like brawl related cuts and abrasions, no hard stuff. In addition to the fight scenes, we have Haggerty repo’ing a helicopter, an extended dirt bike chase, and a car race, in which Haggerty must have been well buttered up to squeeze inside the race car. The dialogue is terrible, but so much fun. Haggerty is his usual nice guy self, but the material forces him to act like a suave, cool, and hip guy, which goes about as well as you’d expect. But between that, the 80s lingo, and some awful rap performances, there’s a lot of ridiculous, fun dialogue to be had here. This one earns solid craziness points, for Haggerty’s hip role, the cringe January-December romance, over the top villain, group rap sessions, and general offbeat vibes this one gives off.

Nudity: 2/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 6/10

Overall Insanity: 5/10