Plot: After his son is killed in an underground fighting competition, Lew Rawlins (Chase Randolph) is determined to get some answers and deliver some justice. As it turns out, this shootfighting circle is in Miami, but no one can seem to get inside, as the crime boss Lance (Joe Son) runs a tight ship. But Rawlins offers an imprisoned crook with some deep connections a chance at freedom, provided he helps him infiltrate this illegal fight operation. This is how he encounters martial arts legend Shingo (Bolo Yeung) and two of his finest students, Ruben (William Zabka) and Nick (Michael Bernardo), who happen to have some skeletons in their closets. Rawlins uses that leverage to get them to join the fight circle and investigate the organization, but can even shootfight masters like these three take down Lance’s ironclad syndicate?

Entertainment Value: If you appreciate 90s b movie action, you’ll find a lot to like with Shootfighter 2, from the cast to the b movie vibes to the 90s cheese, as it is ripe with genre goodies. A number of prominent characters from Shootfighter return here, but the tone shifts from dark and violent to more camp, with a focus on cheesy one liners and melodrama. The story is overly complicated, especially for a movie that just wants to give us illegal underground fights, but once the early exposition is over, the pace picks up and the focus moves to humor and action. I still wouldn’t call it wall to wall action, but it does have several fights and the story weaves in some romance, bromance, and of course, crime syndicate shenanigans. The cast is a fun one, with Bolo Yeung, Brett Baxter Clark, Michael Bernardo, and yes action fans, William Zabka is back, so it is a rock solid 90s b movie lineup. Not to mention shady UFC fighter Joe Son, who has a prominent role in this one. I wish this sequel was more action and less talk, but it is still a fun watch and has some goofy moments.

A tasteful love scene provides bare breasts and ass, but you’ll too dazzled by the artistic visuals and beautiful music to notice. No blood. This one has the usual fight related bumps and bruises, but tones down some of the more colorful violence the original managed to showcase. As for the action scenes, they’re fine but aren’t the kind of fights that bowl you over. But they’re competent and feature some fun actors, so they add to the movie. I just wish some of them were longer or more inventive, as these are mostly straight forward combat. There’s some fun dialogue here, mostly 90s related lingo, bro talk, and Joe Son’s laughable attempts at being intimidating. I like the movie’s sense of humor, as it leads to one liners and some terrible, but hilarious moments. As for the overall craziness, a few wild moments pop up and there’s a camp vibe to the whole movie, but it never feels that out of control or outrageous.

Nudity: 1/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 3/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10

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