Plot: The life of a long haul truck driver can be an isolated, lonely existence, as you’re on the road constantly and have little social interaction beyond the other truckers on your radio. But for countless truckers, that loneliness is eased when they arrive at truck stops and can meet up with lot lizards. This is the nickname given to women who hang out at truck stops and hope to trade sex or companionship for cash or drugs, a dangerous, but lucrative profession. In Lot Lizard, we’re taken inside the world of truck stops to see how this unique slice of life plays out, from the perspective of the prostitutes, truckers, and those close to them.

Entertainment Value: This is a raw, dark documentary that shows a real look inside the lives of a few truck stop prostitutes, also known as lot lizards. A direct, to the point style is implemented, with minimal bells & whistles to ensure the focus stays on these people and their stories. I have to think this would be a tough watch for most people, as there’s not much light at the end of these tunnels, but it is an interesting exploration of a world most folks will never be part of. The bulk of the movie is candid, personal interviews with the women who trade sex to the truckers and these are very open participants, covering how they started in the trade and some of their more harrowing experiences on the street. The sex angle is downplayed, so don’t expect lurid details or naked flesh, as the piece is more about the lives of these women, not just the exact methods by which they earn cash.

On the technical side, Lot Lizard has some impressive titles and infographics, but the footage itself is rough and sometimes hard to see. This is the nature of this kind of low budget documentary however and for the most part, doesn’t interfere or detract from the overall experience. Some scenes are a little dark and detail is obscured, but it also feels like what it is, a down and dirty, in the trenches look at this dangerous lifestyle that happens in the dark. The piece doesn’t try to inspire or weave some kind of deep, poignant social message, other than to shed light on the lives of these women and countless others like them. For those interested in the more unusual lifestyles out there, Lot Lizard is worth a look. But keep in mind, this isn’t a sleaze driven movie, it is a dark and real journey into some tragic lives.

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