Plot: George Chambers (Michael Jai White) isn’t the big draw he was once, but he is still a skilled boxer and has some name value left. He agrees to do some promotional work for a Russian organization, but he preens and complains about having to do multiple takes, displeased with his current lot. But his trip to Russia will soon take an even worse turn, when he is framed for drug trafficking and locked up in one of the most brutal prisons in the world. This happened for a reason, as the prison happens to run a high stakes, full contact fight ring, beamed around the world for wealthy patrons to watch and of course, gamble their cash on. At first Chambers pushes back against the prison officials, but this leads to severe punishment and soon, he is willing to take on the prison’s champ in exchange for his freedom. While Chambers is a world class athlete, can he take down a hardened underground champ like Boyka (Scott Adkins)?

Entertainment Value: The original Undisputed was a prison drama with some boxing involved, but for this sequel, the emphasis is put on the action and the prison drama is dialed up. The link to the first movie is the character of Chambers, who is now played by Michael Jai White, as opposed to Ving Rhames. Aside from Chambers and the prison locale, this feels like a much different take and is more about no holds barred combat than the sweet science. White is a terrific lead and continues Chambers as an abrasive, but bad ass dude. This sequel is also where we’re first introduced to Boyka, who would become a staple of the franchise from this point on. Scott Adkins has that role and does well, while he and White have good chemistry, especially when it comes to the trash talk and fight scenes. As I said, the focus shifts to action over character driven drama, so it is a much different feel that Undisputed, but it works and sets the table nicely for the sequels that would follow. The movie doesn’t break new ground, but it hits familiar notes well and is a brisk, fun watch. So if you’re a fan of martial arts cinema or prison action flicks, Undisputed II is worth a look.

No nakedness. This one downplays the sexual violence of prison, so no rape scenes, just beat downs. There’s some bloodshed, but it is mostly combat related injuries and not the usual prison shank scenarios. So a minor bit of cuts, bruises, and bloody wounds, but none of it is graphic or gratuitous. As for the action scenes, I liked the fights here, but I can see why some might not. The approach taken is a little over the top, like punches launch people great distances and such. Not like to the moon or whatever, but much further than normal combat would. I thought it was a fun touch, but I can understand why others would prefer a more grounded approach. White and Adkins are more than capable action stars and deliver here, both against each other and with the assorted other combatants involved. The fights are simple, but effective and have a nice wild, brawl feel. The dialogue is passable, but aside from some tough guy talk, there’s not much that stands out. No real craziness comes through either, as the tone is serious and doesn’t veer into madness.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 1/10

Overall Insanity: 0/10

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