Plot: A small town is plagued by some kind of horrific attacks, as the local women are being assaulted by a beast of some kind. Even as everyone works together to look for signs of what manner of creature was responsible, it doesn’t even slow down the attacks and town officials are concerned. Meanwhile, a priest has grown suspicious of a local businessman who is riding a wave of financial success, not to mention women seem to flock to his side. As the rest of the town is panicked and tensions are on the rise, that he seems to profit from the chaos is more than a little suspicious. The attacks and the malevolent presence in the town point to the potential of a tokoloshe, an evil beast that preys on humans. But has the businessman summoned this horrible creature and if so, can it be returned to the darkness?

Entertainment Value: This is a South African horror flick, centered on the legend of the tokoloshe, a small, but horrific creature of folklore. The end result is a low rent, but watchable b movie, with a cool monster involved. The narrative is a little confusing, but I assume if you’re more familiar with the lore than I am, perhaps it makes a little more sense then. A man seems to have unleashed this tokoloshe for selfish reasons, but let his greed get the best of him, which causes the beast to run rampant and out of the control of the dude who summoned it. The movie alternates between scenes of the monster stalking victims and our lead seducing various women, with the priest’s thread in between from time to time. The movie isn’t scary by any means, but it is interesting to see South African cinema, especially a horror movie like Ghetto Goblin. The cast is passable, while our lead is rather over the top, but I think that adds to the fun and to be fair, he is under a lot of pressure. While it can be a little dull at times, the movie offers some oddball moments and it is cool to see folklore adapted into horror cinema. So if you like offbeat horror, folklore driven cinema, or you’re just curious to see a South African horror flick, Ghetto Gobiln is worth a shot.

No nakedness. The movie centers on a dude who is swimming in women, but no naked flesh is ever visible. I did like how awkward the seduction process and post-coital conversations were, however. The beast here attacks often, but there’s not a lot of bloodshed involved. In truth, the most gruesome moments involve some meat carving and random meat chunks, the attacks themselves don’t yield much crimson. But there is a little, non graphic bloodletting at times and an eye is popped out. The dialogue is fine, not that memorable, but not terrible either. I wish it was a little more colorful, but some of the performances are melodramatic enough to entertain. In terms of craziness, the movie seems to revolve around this magical squash that likely has some folklore justification, but just seems super weird here. There’s also a lot of mopping, hand washing, and general clean up efforts involved. But the wildest element is how the entire movie seems to be a way to demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ, or at least that is what the movie wants us to believe.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 2/10

Dialogue: 1/10

Overall Insanity: 4/10