Plot: Clark (Tanya Dempsey) is a college student with big dreams, but little cash and she needs a place to crash. As she happens to be a math major, she deduces that she can’t afford to live anywhere, but she stumbles into the ideal location. An abandon hospital isn’t the most glamorous place to settle down, but the price is right and Clark seems to fit in with the other squatters. The crew even has power in some parts of the hospital, so it might be a little creepy, but it’s free. Her curious nature leads her to explore the place a little, where she meets the other residents and learns about some supernatural rumors that center on the hospital. Although she has heard some strange noises at night, she tries to resist her fears and write off the shrieks as one of the quirks of an old, run down structure. But is it just the worn down building settling that is making the noises, or is there a dark secret lurking in this haunted hospital?

Entertainment Value: This low rent monster movie was produced by Full Moon and directed by David DeCoteau, so it has a capable pedigree of talent involved. The movie runs under 80 minutes and as such, has a brisk pace and quickly jumps into the spooky hospital narrative. But it does invest a little time to introduce us to Clark, as our lead and give a little insight into the other squatters, as well as the eerie rumors about the hospital itself. This also isn’t one of those monster movies that hides the monster, as the Shrieker is seen often and looks quite cool, all things considered. So we have monster attacks and otherwise, a lot of suspicion, paranoia, and communist propaganda, as the students banter back and forth. The characters are colorful and most are quite pretentious, but it seems realistic, kind of like how someone takes an intro to psych class and feels like they’re now an expert. So with a fast pace, fun monster, and colorful characters, Shrieker is a solid b monster movie.

No nakedness. One character brags that he has been with seventeen women, none of which were men, but no one here seems to have the social skills required to get themselves laid. In terms of bloodshed, we have some monster attacks that yield the red stuff, but it is never graphic. You know, we see the teeth bearing down, then the victim turns around and is covered in blood. So a little crimson flows, but the real draw here is the monster itself. The Shrieker looks pretty cool, with two heads twisted together and a good amount of visual detail. The creature has a fun design and isn’t hidden in the shadows, we’re given good looks to soak in the sights. This kind of movie needs an effective monster and to me, the Shrieker fills that role well. The dialogue here is fun, with all kinds of pretentious babble, from characters you want to punch or at the least, see eaten alive by the Shrieker. I think the colorful, if annoying characters add a lot to the movie, because they annoy each other, not just us. This leads to some fun lines and exchanges, so it all works out. As for craziness, the Shrieker and outlandish dialogue earn some points, but not much else stands out.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 5/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10

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