Plot: Mike (Adam Devine) and his brother Dave (Zac Efron) are hapless losers, living off their parents and hoping the party never ends, but their selfish antics have pushed their father (Stephen Root) too far. After they’ve ruined countless events with douche behavior, the brothers are now banned from their sister’s wedding, unless they bring dates to keep them in line. The two post a Craigslist ad and hope to meet a few nice girls, but are hit with thousands of responses, given that an all expenses paid trip to Hawaii is on the line. Meanwhile, best friends Alice (Anna Kendrick) and Tatiana (Aubrey Plaza) are in a similar situation, as their selfish antics have landed them fired, still single, and with no direction in life. The two pairs soon meet up and through a series of lies and bravado, wind up together on the Hawaii trip. But how long can four self absorbed narcissists keep their natural asshole instincts suppressed?

Entertainment Value: This movie was based on a Craigslist ad and it shows, though it also seems to draw immense inspiration from Wedding Crashers at times. An online ad as the basis for a movie is strange, but in truth, the premise is just a jumping off point and the movie soon settles into a run of the mill comedic picture. The movie seems to want to be this hard partying, risque ride, but it never pushes the boundaries much and the lead roles are just miserable. I have no idea if we’re supposed to like and root for Mike and Dave, but they’re total douches and I just hoped they’d die in some horrific accident before the end credits. The leading ladies are at least charismatic and mildly interesting, whereas the brothers come off as spoiled, entitled brats who you want to see fail in epic fashion. When the movie switches focus to supporting characters, especially Sugar Lyn Beard as the bride to be, things pick up a little, but when the brothers are front and center, this one tanks. The humor is rapid fire and forced, with random jokes and references tossed out with little thought. This isn’t the worst comedy I’ve seen, but it is overly tame and doomed by dull, uninteresting lead characters, so unless you’re a huge fan of Kendrick/Plaza, you can skip this one.

This one has a number of bare asses, including some pretty obvious body doubles, as well as one topless scene that involves a massive bush. The jewel in the crown though has to be the bizarre massage scene, which involves some odd and humorous nudity and ass to ass erotica. So despite the movie’s almost constant sexual humor, it does little to back up all the talk. Aside from some facial bruises and abrasions, no violence here, so no bloodshed. The dialogue here hits a funny note here and there, but overall is a mess of random, painfully unfunny lines and references. I think the writers knew how lame the humor was, as they try to fling as much material at the audience as possible, hoping at least some of it will land. The supporting characters provide most of the effective jokes, while the brothers come off as try-hard douches. As for craziness, the movie wants badly to be a wild, risque adventure, but it does little to push the envelope and aside from the erotic massage, is tame and forgettable.

Nudity: 1/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 2/10

Overall Insanity: 1/10

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