Plot: Christine McKay (Cynthia Rothrock) was once a police officer, a dedicated and driven woman who worked alongside her true love Nick (Marshall Teague), side by side taking down dangerous criminals. But when the couple went undercover to bust up a counterfeiting operation, the bust goes sideways and cruel criminal Nina (Lydie Denier) executes Nick in the process, leaving McKay devastated and at Nina’s trial, she attacks the killer and finds herself in trouble of her own. Rather than admit she was wrong, she turns in her badge and vows vengeance on her own terms, in the meantime she takes on personal security assignments. A rich douche named Hobbs (Daniel McVicar) hires her to protect him from his enemies and while she dislikes him from the start, she agrees to watch over him when she learns Nina is involved. But can McKay exorcise the demons of her past or will Nina once again have the last laugh?

Entertainment Value: A 90s action flick with Cynthia Rothrock as a disillusioned cop, embroiled in a showdown with the female assassin who killed her beloved, Guardian Angel is indeed one fun movie. Also known as Beyond Justice, this one has ample action, colorful characters, and some wild set pieces. I think the production values here are a little higher than most of the direct to video action cheese of the 90s, so as an action flick, it delivers more than usual. Even so, the 90s vibes are strong and the b movie cheese is more than plentiful here. I love the psycho ex thread and Lydie Denier brings the role to life with great enthusiasm, giving us a great villain and an effective female rival for Rothrock to square off against. The potential romance angle fizzles, but gives us some humorous interactions between Rothrock and McVicar, who plays a sleazy douche with great skill here.  Marshall Teague is here, but makes an early exit and isn’t a prominent part of the movie, sadly. Rothrock is the real draw and she is a lot of fun here, great in the action scenes of course, but she also shows some comedic skill and the role is more than just an ass kicking machine. So if you’re a fan of Rothrock, girl fights, or 90s action cheese, don’t miss Guardian Angel.

No nakedness. While Hobbs uses every trick he knows to try to score, the closest we get to naked flesh is some bikini ping pong. No blood. This one has action in heavy doses, but the violence isn’t graphic or blood soaked. The movie packs in fist fights, all kinds of chases, ambushes, polo inspired shootouts, a maid gets fired (out of a window), a helicopter, a boat named Cigarette Lady, explosions, and of course, a man’s crotch is lit on fire at a local tavern. As you can tell, this is more of a general action movie than a martial arts escapade, but there’s still hand to hand showdowns to be found. The dialogue includes tough chick talk, sexual harassment, and some mild police lingo, so not much in terms of wild or memorable lines. Hobbs has some solid sleazy pickup lines, but that’s about it. Meanwhile, some solid wackiness creeps in, such as getting romantic advice from a dog, health care via cooking pots, and Rothrock’s character seems to have minor mental breakdowns at times.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 2/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10

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