Plot: A group of hip teens are high above the ground, about to have some skydiving thrills and chase that adrenaline rush, but below, a crew of rednecks are trying to dispose of some toxic waste. Of course, after some practical jokes and a wild ride, the teens parachute into the middle of the rednecks. The teens question the stink and odd appearance of the “water” the rednecks are transporting, which leads to an exchange of first insults, then bullets. After some close calls, the teens manage to escape alive and try to alert the local law enforcement to the toxic waste situation, but their concerns fall on deaf ears. Will an evil businessman be allowed to turn this small town toxic, or can these skydiving teens step in and stop him?

Entertainment Value: I have no idea how Timothy Leary was convinced to star in a film about teens with parachutes versus corporate backed rednecks, but thank the maker he did, as Fatal Skies is pure 90s cheese greatness. The movie has some serious elements, such as toxic waste, attempted murder, and sexual harassment, but the tone is light and even slapstick most of the time. So don’t expect an even slightly serious environmental thriller out of Fatal Skies, as this is more of a ribald comedy with some action scenes thrown in. I have to think most viewers would find this unique curio rather terrible and by normal standards it is, but fans of 80s/90s b movie action cheese will have a field day with this mess. I mean, no matter how bad Fatal Skies is, it never fails to entertain and is a constant source of ridiculousness. The sense of humor is likely to offend some, but it is also hilarious and the dated social elements just make even more outlandish. The jokes are frequent and honestly the movie feels like it might be a spoof, but then it dips back into fairly serious ground at times. The pace is brisk and there’s always some kind of nonsense unfolding, so it is never dull even for a moment. For fans of this kind of action cheese, Fatal Skies is a goldmine and has all the elements genre fans could want, so this one is well recommended.

An awkward, yet hilarious scene that involves a scheme to skinny dip yields some bare man ass, as well as ever so briefly revealed breasts. She might have hidden from the creep in the movie, but she couldn’t hide from the creeps in the audience, right? That’s all the nakedness, despite a whirlwind of sexual humor and crude remarks. No blood in this one. A lot of shoot outs go down, but these are bloodless and consistent of people standing in the open, firing at each other. These marksmen rarely hit despite little effort to hide from the gunfire, but it adds some unintentional humor. Some assorted other mild violence happens as well, perhaps the most memorable of which is a sadly off screen switchblade circumcision. So no blood, but some fun action is still here to be had, including a barrel launching explosion or two. The dialogue is just priceless, with constant banter, insults, one liners, and wooden performances, this is seriously gold in the writing department. The movie blends worn out jokes, redneck lingo, casual homophobia, stilted drama, and even the sound of cows on a repeating loop, so you know this is some good stuff. As for craziness, the premise is stupid and fun, the acting is terrible, the dialogue is ridiculous, and the fun factor is through the roof, as this one zany slice of 90s b cinema.

Nudity: 1/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 7/10

Overall Insanity: 6/10

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