Plot: Melissa (Hannah Barefoot) has just been dumped by her boyfriend of over five years, but her best friend Leslie (Briana Lane) refuses to let her sulk, regardless of what Cosmo’s breakup guide says. Leslie finally convinces Melissa to hit the gym and work out some frustrations, which seems to work, as she feels rejuvenated and meets a great personal trainer named Trey (Adam Huber). His motivational skills are on point and he helps her set up a fitness plan she is excited about, including a fitness band that tracks her progress via an app. She is excited and positive about her new outlook, but little does she know that Trey granted himself access to the app as well, allowing him to monitor her even outside the gym. As she meets a new love interest, her interest in the gym wanes a little, which upsets Trey, but he tries to keep a cool head. But as strange things start to happen to those around Melissa, is Trey just looking out for her or does he have darker intentions?

Entertainment Value: Now this is a Lifetime movie, with an obsessed creeper, a love starved woman, a meddling best friend, and melodrama dialed up to epic levels. I also loved the super brisk pace, which wastes no time and has minimal filler, this is one lean and mean thriller. The narrative is straight forward and doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel, but the fast pace and tight focus ensure it holds attention, not to mention a strange twist thrown in here and there. I think this movie is a great example of how take the established Lifetime formula, key in on the crucial elements, and shed the filler to deliver a tight, effective genre picture. Hannah Barefoot has a fantastic name, but she is also a terrific lead here and is able to rise above the “naive, love struck” stereotype. Here she conveys a sense of vulnerability, as Trey supported her in a time of need, but also strength and common sense. I appreciated that she wasn’t merely a victim here, really solid work from Barefoot. Briana Lane is also fun as the intrusive best friend, but Adam Huber steals some scenes as our villain. I love a good, slimy creeper in these movies and Huber delivers that and more. He is able to be the kind, supportive guy one minute, then the vision of creepiness the next, very fun to watch. If you’re a fan of Lifetime movies, Blood, Sweat, and Lies is one you won’t want to miss.

No nakedness. There’s a stalker vibe and a side romance, but for the most part, the sweating happens in the gym, not the bedroom. But you still get a lot of fit, good looking women and men hitting the gym, so that’s something, right? No blood. This one has some small bursts of violence, but it is non graphic and doesn’t descend into rampant displays of bloodshed. The scenes are no more intense than the usual Lifetime stalker sagas, but Huber’s performance is super creepy, so it seems more tense at times. As for dialogue, I loved all the motivation, nosiness, and pushiness from the best friend, as well as the generic, nice guy routine from Melissa’s new love interest. The times when Melissa tries to explain away Trey’s creepiness are hilarious too, while of course Trey himself is a source of slimy moments galore. On the craziness scale, this one has some impressive melodrama, colorful characters, and an effective creep, so it hits some wackiness points, even if it never goes totally off the deep end.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 5/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10