Plot: Steve Shepard (William Katt) was a Green Beret who fought valiantly in the Vietnam war, but never returned home. Over a decade after the withdrawal of troops, Shepard remains behind and has continued his own battles. He has found love and built a life of sorts for himself, even as other conflicts arose and the violence never really slowed down. He has been well hidden for all these years, but with a child on the way, he decides it time to go home. A coded message is sent and a team is dispatched to exfiltrate Shepard and his wife, but the leader of this mission, Walker (Wayne Crawford) has some other plans. He and Shepard had more than a few run ins when both served in Vietnam, ones that Walker hasn’t forgotten. When he chooses to eliminate Shepard rather than bring him home, will Shepard best his old nemesis one last time?

Entertainment Value: An obvious Rambo clone, White Ghost is still a solid action movie and has a lot of fun 80s touches, not the least of which is the glorious golden mullet that William Katt sports when the film opens. This is an action movie at heart, but it is a bit of a slow burn in that area and it takes a while to ramp up to the big, splashy action. Even so, the movie is well made and never feels dull, so it is always a solid watch. And once all the tumblers are in place and the action kicks into high gear, it is well worth the wait, I think. Mullet aside, Katt looks the role here, with a grizzled, aged presence that makes it seem like he really has been living in the jungles, with access to weights, of course. He is a capable action hero in this one, all jacked up and willing to combat roll to hell and back. I really like his turn here and I think he brings a lot to the movie. Wayne Crawford is also here and fun to watch, as always. I never tire of seeing him bark wild lines and get all bent out of shape, both of which he does here often. The cast also includes Martin Hewitt, Reb Brown, and Rosalind Chao, who all are up to the task here. I found White Ghost to be a solid action/war movie with a super fun lead in Katt, so fans of 80s action should find a lot to like with this one.

No nakedness. These soldiers are fighters, not lovers and they’d rather blanket the area with bullets, not kisses. This one has a lot of action and shoot outs, which results in some mild bloodshed. The gun shot wounds are mostly bloodless or happen so quickly, you don’t notice the crimson splashes. But there’s also some needle torture, throats sliced, and some more personal, hands on violence at times. Little of this is graphic, but it does feature some red stuff, to be sure. As for the action itself, White Ghost has large scale gun battles, chases, hand to hand combat, knife fights, and of course, explosions, so it does indeed feel like an 80s action flick. As for dialogue, the movie takes a mostly serious approach, though Katt and Crawford do have some outlandish lines. This is mostly overly excited tough guy talk, but it is still fun. On the craziness scale however, White Ghost doesn’t really move the needle, as it stays within the usual 80s action guidelines and doesn’t venture out.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 3/10

Dialogue: 2/10

Overall Insanity: 0/10

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