Plot: A gruesome, mysterious double murder has the police scratching their heads, as the victims were brutalized in ways that suggest some kind of horrific animal attack, rather than a simple murder case. The murders also attract the attention of Wayne Connors (Alan Blanchard), a journalism teacher who is convinced there is more to this story, given some recently reported pet mutilation cases. He begins to look into the case and even barges into the crime scene, much to the police’s surprise, but still can’t find the missing piece from the puzzle. When he turns to science however, he discovers that some strange soil samples he gathered contain some chemical contaminates, which have altered the organic material. As he tries to find out more, the killings continue and he feels the pressure to uncover the truth. But can he find out the real story behind the killings and if so, survive long enough tell the tale?

Entertainment Value: A monster movie with a fun creature, a lead so dull he is magical, and ample odd moments, Slithis (also known as Spawn of Slithis) is one anyone into b movies or drive in cinema should appreciate. A goofy blend of Jaws, environmental panic, and old school sci/fi horror, the movie is so much better than it should be and never fails to entertain. Alan Blanchard plays our intrepid lead and is totally devoid of charisma, like almost a black hole of personality and presence. A dull as dishwater lead might sound bad at first, but soon it becomes part of the oddball charm of the movie, as this vanilla, bland dude is swept into a murder case that spirals into an outlandish hunt for a monster. Other bright spots acting wise include a super awkward car conversation about the merits of an age of consent, as well as the beyond off the rails warbling of the unstable sea captain. The story is one we’ve seen before, but populated with strange characters and odd moments, it seems almost fresh here and in any case, never feels slow or dull. I suppose you do need to appreciate b movies to have fun here, but even if you don’t, you’ll likely have a few laughs here. This one is an easy recommendation to fans of b movies, monster movies, or insane sea captains.

A bare breast is briefly visible at one point, but otherwise no nakedness here. The movie has more bloodshed than you might expect, given the PG rating involved. I still wouldn’t call the violence graphic by any means, but some of the attacks yield some gushes of the red stuff. But even if you detest such displays of bloodshed, it makes sense as this is one monstrous abomination. So just some bloody swipes during a few good old mauling sessions, as a hideous, aquatic beast is likely to unleash. Even so, a nice surprise when it comes to the more violent fun here. The monster itself looks quite cool for a guy in a suit, with a lot of detail and captures the b movie monster look well. This one has some great lines, most odd or awkward, then you have good old Wayne Connors, with his dull ponderings. He is lifeless, but a true cinematic treasure. The movie also has a lot of science talk and ecological panic, but the true diamond in this picture is the sea captain. He is an absolute madman and has a wealth of wild, super fun moments. The craziness of the captain raises the insanity score as well, especially the first encounter when we meet him, but the movie has other wild elements as well. Not an off the rails level of craziness, but a steady drip of odd and awkward touches.

Nudity: 1/10

Blood: 3/10

Dialogue: 6/10

Overall Insanity: 6/10

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