Plot: An escaped serial killer is on the loose and while he won’t be allowed to run for student government, otherwise no one seems to be too concerned about a murderer in their ranks. The students are excited about a campus raffle however, as the prize is a free weekend at a high end hotel & spa complex. As it happens, some sorority sisters from Delta Omega end up with the winning ticket and that means a girls’ weekend, with no guys allowed. This irks the guys who want to bang them, but the girls set off to soak in the luxuries of the hotel, gossip, compare notes on penises, and of course, have slow motion pillow fights. But when people start to disappear and the killer seems to be headed to the hotel, can anyone survive this lethal weekend?

Entertainment Value: This micro-budget indie leans a lot on the likability of the female leads, but doesn’t bring a lot of horror heat. The movie is brisk and well paced, but the kills are on the lame side and there’s no real scares, even atmosphere and suspense are in short supply here. The tone is mostly comedic, though toward the finale things take a little more serious turn. So don’t expect much in terms of gore or horror elements, but as a b movie, this one has some appeal. The cast is mostly female and the women have some decent chemistry, which helps with the banter, gossip, and humor. I found the performances to be passable given the nature of the movie, with a lot of camp and awkward moments. That just adds to the fun for me, I find entertainment in those kind of efforts and this is micro-budget indie cinema, so to expect veteran, silky smooth actors is a reach. I do wish the movie had gone more over the top with the humor and the performances, as it could have used that extra boost of entertainment. In the end, this one will be of most interest to those who appreciate super low budget indies, or seeing hot women in the nude.

The movie offers a good amount of naked flesh, as several women are seen topless and fully nude. No full frontal nudity is exposed however, but several topless shots and bare ass reveals. The sex scenes are more humorous than erotic, with pants on sex and the guys showing little passion or charisma. But some hot girls get naked and that is always welcome here. A little blood is seen, but honestly all of the violence happens off screen and there’s no gore. The worst it gets is some minor wounds seen on victims after the attacks, no kinetic bloodshed is present. This is likely due to budget issues, but one or two nice splashy kills could have worked wonders with this one. Some fun dialogue comes through here, mostly from the ladies as they banter and gossip. including some small penis talk. I also liked some of the random background characters, who shouted or just acted out in wild ways for no real reason. I wish more of the writing was like this, wild and over the top, to add more energy to the movie. As with the dialogue, the craziness here is present sometimes, but not enough. The movie isn’t serious, but it never runs with the camp elements like I hoped.

Nudity: 3/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 2/10

Overall Insanity: 1/10

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