Plot: The corpse of a beautiful young woman has been left in the woods, where a mystical necromancer named Nadira (Velma VonMassacre) discovers her and performs an ancient erotic ritual. Nadira raises the woman, known as Jaded Velvet (Kody Evans) from the beyond, but she is not the same as she was. Now she has strange supernatural and sexual powers, which she will soon need. She wants to uncover the truth about her death and settle the score with those responsible, but even with her otherworldly powers, can she exact her revenge?

Entertainment Value: In the first two minutes alone, Jaded Velvet gives us a naked necromancer making out with a corpse, so you know this movie means business. The tone is less mystifying than the dreamlike Rain River Falls, but this movie packs in a ton of naked flesh and an interesting narrative. The story is simple and exists to set up the sex scenes, but a little more time is taken here to let the threads unspool, giving us more story this time around. Kody Evans is back in the lead and I appreciated seeing her given more lines, as she is charismatic and I think with experience, she could be a great b movie starlet. I liked her work here, though she seems a little rushed at times and crowds her lines a touch. But she shows a lot of promise and I hope she is able to continue to push her abilities. Velma VonMassacre plays the necromancer and she is an ideal fit for that role, as she is beautiful, but has that dark vibe the character needs. I might be afraid of her, but she is a lot fun to watch and I hope to see a lot more of her in feature length projects. Also in the cast are Kay Spades, Brie Shuler, Charlotte, and Sarah Santini, as well as an on screen role for director Joe Haugh, as the film’s villain. I had fun with this one and while the focus is on the erotic elements, it was great to see more story creep in and the stars given more of a chance to shine. If you appreciate beautiful naked women and mystical eroticism, give Jaded Velvet a look.

This movie is filled with naked women, with little time between sex scenes and these actresses aren’t bashful. This means a handful of girls disrobe and provide ample eye candy, with full nudity in every sex scene. So bare breasts, ass, and full frontal, like vivid full frontal. If you don’t appreciate the beauty of the female flower, you’re out luck, as there’s a lot of intimate, vivid shots of nature’s majesty here. A lot of kissing, petting, and fondling unfolds, while the lone male/female sex scene has totally nude women while the dude keeps his clothes on. So if you’re concerned you might catch a peek of some man ass, you can rest easy here. There’s also some hot stripper style routines, which are always welcome. No blood. The movie has no violence, so there’s no need for bloodshed to appear. The dialogue is sparse, but some of Kody’s lines have a little added humor when she rushes them, while Joe Haugh provides a few funny, smart ass lines at times. I was glad to see more story/dialogue than in Rain River Falls, so hopefully that trend will continue for MFTDE pictures. On the craziness end, we have the erotic necromancer and a weird encounter between Jaded and Billy, but that’s about it. This one is so packed with sex, there’s not a lot of time for wackiness.

Nudity: 10/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 3/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10

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