Plot: Matthew (Michael Caine) is headed to Rio to relax and have some fun, though his wife has chosen to have her own separate vacation, a sort of recreational break from each other. Matthew is joined by his daughter Nicole (Demi Moore), as well his best friend Victor (Joseph Bologna) and his daughter, Jennifer (Michelle Johnson). As soon as they arrive,the allure of Rio becomes apparent with all the sunshine, beaches, and of course, beautiful people. The girls embrace the local atmosphere and much to the chagrin of their fathers, go topless like the locals, but Michael and Victor struggle to cut loose, even in this paradise. When Matthew does finally let loose and engage in some passionate sex on the beach, it is with Jennifer and while she thinks she is in love, he is terrified of what her father will think. But can they keep this secret hidden or will Victor find out and if he does, will Rio be Matthew’s final resting place?

Entertainment Value: An 80s sex comedy with a strong European vibe, Blame It on Rio is an interesting movie that might be dated, but still offers some fun. The premise here is one that wouldn’t raise eyebrows in the 80s, but in 2018, an old man who sleeps with his best friend’s teen daughter is likely to trigger some audiences. The movie doesn’t feel creepy or lurid, with no sex scenes or attempts at erotica, opting for awkward laughs and putting Michael Caine through the wringer. And Caine is fun to watch as he sweats over his indiscretions while also being unable to resist the temptations, especially in the scenes with Joseph Bologna. The two men have great banter and despite the silly tone involved, are able to convey some genuine friendship. Michelle Johnson is quite good here as well, while Demi Moore brings us the voice of reason in all the chaos. The cast is solid here, but don’t expect the usual kind of depth from Caine, as this is a light, brisk role with minimal demands. I can see why some would be offended or grossed out by this one, but in the world of 80s sex comedies, Blame It on Rio is fairly tame in terms of sexual content. So if you like bawdy comedies, Michael Caine, or the wonderful 80s, give this one a shot.

The movie has a scene that parades a number of topless women past our male leads, but it is non sexual and brief passing glances. The scenes where the fathers are confronted by their topless daughters is pure awkward gold, while several other instances of bare breasts and asses unfold over the film’s duration. No blood. The movie has no real violence, just some humorous old man back and forth. This is light, brisk material so it makes sense there’s no rough stuff. The dialogue has some bright spots and quotable moments, as well as the hilarious, always awkward exchanges between Caine and Johnson. The old man sweating as this young woman pursues him is a big part of the movie, so I am glad those two brought the goods in those scenes. The tone is silly and even zany at times, but the humor lands more than it misses and the film produces some terrific, sharp lines. The premise is on the creepy side, but the movie is pure fluff and as such, never gets too outlandish or off the rails.

Nudity: 2/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 5/10

Overall Insanity: 0/10

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