Plot: The mining colony of Draiga is under the oppressive control of the Visray Empire, which means life for the common people is less than ideal. As the life is drained from this once thriving colony, it seems as if nothing can be done to push back the Visray, but a small rebellion has started to make some noise. These freedom fighters were more or less forced into action, as otherwise they would have to witness themselves and their families crushed under the cruel regime. At the same time, a ferocious warrior named Azura (Cecily Fay) is being held captive and made to fight in an arena, just to give the Visray officials a good show. The resistance needs someone like Azura, a strong fighter with heart and keen leadership skills, but the arena is under intense Visray guard and almost impossible to storm. Can Azura help save Draiga or will she simply be forced to waste away in the violence of the arena?

Entertainment Value: I should mention right off the bat, Babes with Blades does indeed live up to that awesome title, as the movie features more than a few instances of bad ass women wielding bladed weapons of all sorts. I had to admire this movie’s ambition and passion, as it refuses to let budget restraints hold back this creative vision and delivers a more than competent sci/fi fantasy experience. I loved how the filmmakers were able to build this world in small, but effective ways, such as the cosplay inspired costumes and unique, memorable locations. The costumes here are quite cool, with designs that give off a futuristic, but also old school vibe. If that sounds like steampunk, it is with good reason as many of the costumes do indeed have that feel, while there’s also some that have a neo-Amazon kind of vibe. The movie was written, produced, and directed by the lead, Cecily Fay and I think it is remarkable how much she was able to do here. She is a charismatic performer and on the technical side, I think she worked minor miracles with the resources she had available. I had a lot of fun with Babes with Blades and I have immense respect for how ambitious this one is, as well as the creative and inventive tricks used to overcome the limited resources. If you’re a fan of sci/fi, fantasy, or just bad ass women, this one is well recommended.

No nakedness. This one has a romance thread, but no sexual content, as our heroine is more concerned with kicking ass and saving the world. A little blood, mostly CGI, but not much. The movie has a lot of action scenes and given that a lot of blades are used, it is no surprise that some bloodshed unfolds. But it is quick and non graphic, so it shouldn’t be an issue even for the squeamish. The action scenes are quite good and a lot of fun to watch, with Cecily Fay being the highlight in most of the sequences. Her experience in the world of stunts is obvious, as she showcases sword fighting, unarmed combat, and some wild acrobatics. I appreciated that the movie didn’t skimp on the fight scenes, as they’re plentiful and frequent. The dialogue is fine and the cast is solid, but it is mostly serious in tone. So not much wild or quotable dialogue, which is what we score. So while the score here is low, keep in mind that just means the lines are outlandish or overly quotable, this is still a well written feature. In terms of craziness, as I said the movie has a mostly serious tone, so it never feels over the top or off the rails. In other words, not much wackiness to mention.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 1/10

Overall Insanity: 0/10

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