Plot: After she was buried alive in a coffin by members of the Blue Skeleton haunt crew, Brandy has sworn off haunted houses. Even minor scares tend to set her off now, so she has moved past all the masks, clowns, and other gimmicks. The story of her encounter went viral, seen by millions of people who dubbed her Coffin Girl and of course, people want more. So her friends try to persuade her to join them on a new tour of haunted houses, just normal ones this time, to experience them and rate them online, to drum up exposure thanks to their viral status. But she refuses to go along and since the haunt owners want Coffin Girl, not her sad friends, the friends find themselves unable to pursue some of the opportunities. Can they convince her to visit a few tame haunted houses and earn some serious cash in the process and if so, will this haunted house tour prove to be as uneventful as promised?

Entertainment Value: This is a sequel, but in truth, it follows the same path as the original and feels more like a do-over than a true sequel. The premise is the same, as five friends explore some haunted houses, only this time the motivation is money, not a love for horror. The path is very similar, a tour of some haunted houses, some people in spooky costumes creep around, and Blue Skeleton lurks in the darkness, so not much feels fresh or original here. I did appreciate the drone shots included, as they add some nice style and as before, the haunted house segments are fun to watch, but the movie sinks when it focuses on the friends. I have no idea if we’re supposed to like them or just want to see them killed off, but all I wanted was see them tortured and killed, if just to make sure they’re absent in future sequels. The humor is basic and bland, forced attempts to pander to horror fans and gamers, and while Brandy tries to at least be passable, the others are borderline unwatchable. I know annoying characters are often part of the deal with found footage movies, but the movie is filled with interesting folks, yet it centers on these dull as dishwater friends. I love the premise though and the haunted house environments help balance out the cringe friend circle, so it has some moments.

A couple instances of simulated topless splendor, including a fun, memorable scene where a girl has laser lights for nipples. But it is more makeup than flesh, so no points in the sleaze department. One small burst of CGI bloodshed, but otherwise, no gore unfolds in this one. The movie does try to present some visible violence at least, unlike the first movie, but there’s not much here. The highlight is a guy’s head engulfed in flame, but the only other real instance of violence is a painfully fake concrete block smash attack. But hey, I appreciate that some effort was made to include some on screen horror elements, as the first film had none. The dialogue is about on the same level as the original, some lame jokes and attempts at pop culture references. But Brandy is a little fun to watch at times with her unstable bursts of anger, but it is dialed down and too infrequent to score points. No real craziness either, aside from the usual haunted house creepiness.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 0/10

Overall Insanity: 0/10

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