Plot: As meta-humans begin to become more and more common, the concern over potential threats looms over the world. After all, what if Superman had decided to use his superpowers to take control of the planet and bend it to his will? Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) has a plan to keep such possibilities under control, as she wants to create a task force of meta-humans to battle back any potential threats, but she is met with immense resistance. This is because she wants to draft her squad from the ranks of meta-humans who have turned to lives of crime, who wield immense power or skills, but chose to use them for personal gain. But she feels she can control them and after a demonstration of the potential for the program, Task Force X is approved and she assembles her chosen ensemble. But when one of her selections, the most powerful one no less, escapes and begins to unleash hell, will the others step up and prove that even bad guys can be good sometimes?

Entertainment Value: I should note, I watched the extended cut of Suicide Squad for this review. This movie seemed like a can’t miss prospect, gather some of the coolest, most offbeat villains from DC and let them loose in a Dirty Dozen inspired scenario, this concept is pure gold. But as often happens, the end result was unable to live up to the grand premise and Suicide Squad is a mess. The main issue I have is that the villains are turned into heroes, not unwilling ones either, as little time passes before they start to cooperate out of free will. I mean, these are sociopaths who take human lives without a second though, so such a rapid, mostly unmotivated turn to the light seemed forced and rushed. I just wanted to see cool, offbeat villains in a bold, colorful adventure, instead this turns into a dull, overly serious drama that descends into shallow, preachy moments about the human condition. But regardless of how lame the rest of the movie is, Margot Robbie is a radiant presence as Harley Quinn, nailing the look and persona of the unstable character. The material keeps her very restrained, which is a shame, as I’d love to see Robbie go all in with the role. The rest of the cast is fine, but Will Smith seems out of place and in my opinion, no one is able to stand out thanks to Robbie’s stunning turn as Quinn. In the end, Suicide Squad is boring and wastes a great concept, but at least we got an awesome Harley Quinn out of the deal.

No nakedness. Robbie is flirtatious and captures the sexual charisma of Quinn, but this is a PG-13 comic book movie, so no sleaze. The movie has ample violence, but stages most of it against these faceless husks, so there isn’t much blood. I kind of understand this approach, as it allows for a wealth of action scenes and doesn’t paint the villains as out of control psychopaths, but they’re villains, come on. The movie’s action scenes look flashy and much less CGI drenched than most superhero movies, which is nice. Still a lot of CGI in this one of course, but I appreciate that the filmmakers did use some practical effects when possible. The dialogue is overly serious most of the time, but some fun one liners do sneak through at times. Robbie’s Quinn is able to make even routine lines seem a little creepy and pervy, while Smith cracks off his usual passive aggressive lines, so there’s some fun stuff here, just not enough. There’s not much craziness here, which is so strange to me, given the wild, colorful characters involved and given that they’re the villains, there’s so much potential here. But aside from Quinn’s creepy presence, there’s not much that stands out.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 2/10

Overall Insanity: 1/10

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