Plot: As The Creeper continues to feed on innocents, a host of folks try to hunker down and survive, while some take a stand. Sheriff Dan (Stan Shaw) is determined to go after The Creeper regardless of the dangers involved, as he wants to end this evil once and for all. At the same time, a creeper hand was unearthed and anyone who comes into contact with that hand is infected, as some kind of darkness begins to flow through their veins and change them. And also at the same time, a potential teen romance unfolds and of course, The Creeper is just doing what he does. Will he be stopped or will he just kill people and zzzz…

Entertainment Value: This sequel was a long time in the making and in truth, it is a total disaster. The original Jeepers Creepers was a basic, but mostly solid chiller, but this sequel is just lazy trash. Victor Salva is somehow still allowed to make movies, but after this abortion of CGI and boredom, hopefully that won’t be the case much longer. All I wanted from this one was some cool kills, the return of the truck, and some fun Creeper action. Instead, the movie looks and feels like a rushed, cheap, and lazy made for television feature, and not even a good made for television feature. The visuals look much more like a television show than a movie, which isn’t helped by the the kind of CGI that SyFy would balk at. The first two movies involved CGI, but also wove in some decent practical effects, but this time around, it is all CGI that looks like it was sourced from a decades old video game. The Creeper is wasted and plagued by laughable CGI aspects, such as wings that look like someone drew onto the source with colored pencils, it is seriously that bad. No scares, a slow pace, dumb as rocks narrative, this one is just a complete dud. Time to retire this franchise or at the very least, turn it over to someone who will put some care into it.

No nakedness. And since Victor Salva is at the helm, that is good news even for those who love sleaze in their horror movies. The movie has some blood, but it is almost all low end, ineffective CGI trash. I mean, I know CGI is part of the deal now in most films, but this is just hot garbage, even by micro budget cinema standards. Sega Dreamcast games have more realistic visuals than this and that is the truth, the CGI is just lazy and looks sloppy as hell. So I will score a couple points for the thought of including some blood, but the filmmakers really dropped the ball on the visual effects and in truth, I am shocked some of this stuff was cleared for the final version. The dialogue is bland, but not terrible. The narrative is paper thin and doesn’t give the cast much of a chance to shine, so the lines are just forgettable. I do think some craziness points are earned, with the absolute lack of care and effort put into the visual effects, one ridiculous hairpiece, and the pathetic attempts at stylish slow motion. Sadly though, this one is just bad, never so bad, it is fun to watch.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 2/10

Dialogue: 0/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10