Plot: The Bellas have had a meteoric rise in a capella world, with three straight national championships and no end in sight to their reign of dominance. Some of the girls have graduated and most of the current squad is in their senior year, but fresh talent is never in shortage for such a prestigious ensemble. But things take an unexpected turn when the Bellas perform in front of Barack Obama, as a stage mishap results in Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) showing her feminine flower to the entire crowd, including Obama. This sends shockwaves through the a capella realm and it results in the Bellas being banned from nationals and unable to recruit new members. But the girls manage to find a few loopholes, such as legacies, who are guaranteed auditions and while nationals are out, the world championships are still in play. But can the Bellas manage to topple the best singers in the entire world?

Entertainment Value: This sequel plays it safe and sticks to what made the first movie a success, sharp dialogue, girl power, and a lot of a capella music covers of popular mainstream songs. I think the decision to not push the material was a good one, as the movie retains the charm of the original and delivers solid entertainment, even if it doesn’t feel all that fresh or original this time around. But some new faces and plenty of new songs are enough to compensate, plus the cast seems more than up to carrying the forgettable narrative. In essence, this just slightly alters the formula of the original, with the Bellas out to overcome an embarrassment and band together through the awesome might of estrogen. The cast’s enthusiasm is strong though, as is the passion for music once again, which carries in both the performances and the drive of the characters to perform. The humor falls in line with the original as well, with mean girl talk, sexual innuendo, and an awkward romance thread that is only seen a few times, but seems like a waste. In other words, if you liked the first Pitch Perfect, you will likely have fun here, as it presents more of the same.

No nakedness, The movie’s plot hinges on accidental vagina exposure, but the movie of course never shows such wildness. In truth, even the sexual innuendo has been toned down a little here, with Fat Amy more about mean girl moments than rattling off odd sex comments. No blood. This one has no violence, as once again, the power of song trumps the power of violence. The dialogue is fun and often sharp, but a little samey samey when compared to the original. The characters are a little more settled in, so that opens up some potential, but the movie also narrows focus and highlights only a few Bellas, so it is less of an ensemble piece. In any event, some decent lines here, even if a bit recycled and not as sharp as the original. The craziness scale is pretty blank here, I mean Snoop Dogg singing Christmas carols is passable, but this one keeps it safe and doesn’t push the boundaries at all.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 3/10

Overall Insanity: 0/10

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