Plot: Nicole Rawlins (Sophie Cookson) is a reporter in need of a powerful story, so when she learns about an exorcism in which a nun was killed, she sees a potential breakout article. Not to mention some personal satisfaction, as she would love to see religion held to the fire, as her own faith has burned out. The priest in charge of the exorcism has been charged with murder, but he is insistent that a demon is responsible and that the demon is likely not done. As Nicole investigates the case, she speaks to locals, some of whom think the priest has gone insane, but she also uncovers some details that point to a more mysterious chain of events. Meanwhile, she is haunted by the events of her own past and the death of her mother, which is what led Nicole to abandon her own faith in the midst of her grief. Was the exorcism just irresponsible behavior that caused the loss of a human life, or was it a battle against a demonic force?

Entertainment Value: This movie takes the idea of a slow burn thriller to new levels, as it plods at a glacial pace for almost the first hour, then begins to turn up the tension, but not much. The Crucifixion is stylish at times, with some impressive visuals, but with a pace this slow, you need more than visuals. The narrative is paper thin, a crisis of faith mixed with a potential supernatural series of events, which never finds solid ground and just drags in most scenes. That first hour or so is just various scenes that don’t mesh well or help build a bigger arc, it all just feels like filler with a few jump scares thrown in. I do think the movie starts to show potential around that hour mark, with some creepiness at times, but it is too little, too late. This needed an epic, balls out finale to make up for the dull, listless first hour and that simply doesn’t happen. But at least the final act ramps up a little, provided you are still awake. The conclusion is bland, so we end up with about fifteen minutes of passable content here. A little more focus on tension, atmosphere, and characters could have gone a long way here, as a little style and a couple fun scenes just aren’t enough. Unless you’re a devoted cinematic exorcism completionist, you can skip The Crucifixion.

An ever so brief flash of one nipple, but that’s all the nakedness. Nicole touches herself and fantasizes about sex with the priest, but the movie is careful to keep sleaze to a minimum. I don’t think I have ever seen someone so careful with a towel as when Nicole exits the bathtub. No real blood to be honest, just some jump scares and furniture tossed around at times. As I said, not much happens at all for the first hour or so, then some minor paranormal annoyances is about it. There is a scene that involves crotch spiders, however. I mean, I can overlook a lot if a movie delivers crotch spiders, but even those little buggers can’t save this one. I found the dialogue to be bland and forgettable, limited to dull religious banter and little else. I love ritualistic hocus pocus and all that, but there isn’t much of that here. In terms of craziness, I have to award a point for those lovable crotch spiders, but that’s all the real wackiness here. The movie is dull and overly serious, so the low score is no surprise.

Nudity: 1/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 0/10

Overall Insanity: 1/10

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