Plot: In a case that captivated the entire nation, she would become the most hated woman in America. Casey Anthony would weave a web of deception that baffled police and the media, going so far as to take the authorities to Universal Studios, where she claimed to work, but was never employed at. Her actions were erratic and made little sense, as she partied while her child was missing, made up wild lies, and showed little to no emotion, not the kind of behavior expected from a grieving mother. As the case went on, it became clear that Casey was somehow involved and she would be arrested, then tried for the murder of her child. But as bizarre as the case was up until this point, it would only get stranger once the trial began.

Entertainment Value: In this three episode series, An American Murder Mystery focuses in on Casey Anthony, who was at the center of an infamous case that had America glued to news reports and around the clock coverage. This is such a strange case in general, thanks in part to Casey’s outlandish antics and bold lies during the investigation, which helped make her the most hated woman in America. A lot of high profile murder cases involve interesting elements and twists, but few even come close to the level of odd turns this one takes. Casey’s defense team unleashed an opening statement that had jaws on the floor, but that was just the first strike in a powerful, but off the rails defense that had people in a state of shock. And as you’d expect from such an unusual, infamous case, the madness didn’t end when the verdict was handed in, as even more strange, lurid stories would be unleashed.

In this three part mini-series, An American Murder Mystery examines the case, as well as Casey Anthony’s life. Of course, given the insanely high profile nature of the case, much of this information is well known, so I don’t think there is much new data to be gleaned, but it is presented in a polished, thorough fashion. This is more of a primer on the case, collecting all of the information in one place and giving us a deep dive into what all went down. This is done mostly through interviews, but also some recreations, audio tapes, and various news coverage. The interviews include members of the prosecution team, media that covered the case, and even Casey’s parents, who provide a unique insight into the situation. I do wish more time was taken as far as the verdict and the aftermath, as it feels a little rushed by that point. But overall, this mini-series covers a lot of ground and maintains a brisk pace. If you’ve seen other installments of An American Murder Mystery, then you know about what to expect here.

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