Plot: Tired of his wife’s lies and unfaithful ways, some kind of scientist plans to craft a new lover for himself. He wants to use beautiful woman and the magic of science to create love slaves. After all, he is can make such sex robots a reality, he could not only bring himself immense pleasure, but unleash these love slaves in other, more unusual ways. But his efforts keep failing, until he finally cracks the science and when he does, he is graced with a genuine robot love slave. A woman who will do whatever he says, no matter what he demands. Meanwhile, his wife continues to screw around him on, but he has a special plan in mind for her…

Entertainment Value: This is an odd movie, an obvious porn with real sex, but shot from angles to obscure the graphic visuals. The movie presents scads of naked flesh, including both male and female full frontal, but special angles and positions prevent the penetration from being seen. But a couple scenes slip a little, so at least some scenes are hardcore, but shot in safe mode for some reason. That is weird in and of itself, but when there’s only a few minutes of narrative between the terrible sex scenes, you wonder why this strange approach was taken. In any case, the movie isn’t erotic and the sex scenes are indeed miserable, but there is some entertainment here when the movie slows down to unspool the narrative. A bargain basement scientists wants love slaves, since his wife pretends to be crippled, but fucks other men behind his back. This leads to some fun spots of dysfunction and mean spirited diatribes, as well as general wackiness since it is all so ridiculous. But the focus is on one awkward sex scene after another, so the quirky narrative is often pushed aside.

This movie might block the old in/out of our view, but the sex is real, at least in some of the scenes. One scene features some obvious real intercourse, as we can see the erect penis angled into the right spot, we just can’t witness the actual point of insertion. But even so, this one has tons of bare breasts, naked asses, and full frontal nudity, as well as those real and/or simulated sexual situations. And since the narrative has little presence, that means most of the movie is all about those naked folks. No bloodshed. You do hear about the horrors of poisoned teeth, but that just involves a girl rubbing her face all over another girl’s crotch. The movie doesn’t spend much time on dialogue, but when it does, it is usually fun, outlandish stuff. The banter between the scientist and his wife is fun, especially the confrontation toward the finale, but most of the exposition scenes offer some goofy lines to soak in. Not enough to move the needle that much, but only because the movie doesn’t spend much time on talking. On the craziness scale, what little story there is seems pretty out there, not to mention the terrible sex scenes. But with the safe angles and so little time used to explore the offbeat narrative, this one just can’t put up much in this area as you might think.

Nudity: 10/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 5/10

Overall Insanity: 4/10