Plot: In need of a break from the grind of motherhood, Jamie (Molly Shannon) and her friend Melanie (Bridget Everett) have planned a girls’ night. The two invite new mom at school Emily (Katie Aselton), who in turn pulls in her friend Kate (Toni Collette), who hates the idea of a night out with other moms. The night starts off a little rough, but soon the moms discover they a lot in common, while a flow of alcohol also helps takes the edge off. Soon the ladies have gone on a Walgreens shopping spree, headed to a local bar, and are deep into karaoke night. While her friends go wild on the mic, Emily chats up the bartender, soaking in the attention he gives her, since her own husband hasn’t been that attentive in years. Soon she is drawn into his charm, which sparks a desperate search when her friends discover she has left with him. Can her friends track her down and will Emily make a mistake she will regret forever?

Entertainment Value: The “gone wild” trend continues here in Fun Mom Dinner, as four moms have a wild night out, or at least that’s the idea. If my review of this movie sounds familiar, it is with good reason, as this movie makes all the same mistakes most of its peers were guilty of. This is another movie that thinks “wild” means dropping f bombs and vague sexual references, which is especially odd here, given that the movie is aimed at moms. So if your idea of wild is karaoke, an adult onesie, and some bad language, then buckle up. Otherwise, you will likely be bored by this tame, painfully unfunny slog that never finds any momentum. The cast is a terrific one, which really points the blame on a tired, desperate script that lacks even mild laughs. Toni Collette, Molly Shannon, Bridget Everett, Katie Aselton, Paul Rudd, David Wain, and others bring talent to the movie, but the script is just a total let down and stinks up the entire experience. I have to think this was done as a favor to someone, otherwise I have no idea how Bad Mom Dinner made it past the pitch. I wanted to like this movie, but it fails to deliver even mild laughs and wastes a gifted cast.

No nakedness. The movie’s idea of wildness is talking about what a chore sex is, so to expect madcap sleaze is a reach here. No blood. The movie has no violence, so the lack of blood is never an issue. Movies like this often have some larger set pieces involved, but the closest this movie comes is swimming to a boat. Making teens slow dance, what a wild ride. The dialogue here is bad. Not bad as in hilariously awkward, but bad as in dull and lifeless, devoid of humor. I mean, the cast here is game and filled with talent, but even they struggle to make even the best lines passable. I could understand if it was just a dry stretch here and there, but the movie never finds comedic momentum and feels like one tired, flat joke after another. I suppose younger audiences might giggle at all the profanity involved, but that’s about it. A movie about moms going wild should be loaded with outlandish, over the top scenes, right? Nope. As I said, some karaoke and making teens slow dance is as crazy as this one gets.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 0/10

Overall Insanity: 0/10

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