Plot: Albert (Jon Wachter) is an odd fellow who works as a hot dog vendor, enduring abuse from his customers and jacking off to pictures torn from porn magazines. But one of his customers sees a special spark in him, so the man offers him a chance to earn some money as a photographer’s model. As Albert thinks a camera is the way to meet women and romance them, he agrees to participate. But when he shows for the session, he learns that the photographer, Ivan (Theodore Bouloukos) just wants him to pose with a woman and he doesn’t teach him about taking pictures. This frustrates Albert, but he likes the money and when Ivan gives him an old camera, he is overjoyed and starts out on his career behind a camera. But with his unique perspective and imbalanced mind, what will become of Albert’s journey into the art world?

Entertainment Value: A pervy dive into the world of fetish photography, Bag Boy Lover Boy has one of the strangest, most memorable leads you’ll find. This one drips in sleaze and unsettling vibes, with an atmosphere that makes you want to shower, but it doesn’t lean on nudity and gore to achieve that texture. Instead, we’re taken into this grime soaked world, populated by people by our creepy photographer, desperate models, and of course, Albert. The cast has a number of colorful folks involved, but Jon Wachter steals the show as the unforgettable Albert. His one of a kind look is striking, as is his naive, but dark persona, so he is a fantastic centerpiece. He is an eerie, haunting type of performer and the movie simply wouldn’t be the same without his presence. I appreciated how the movie was able to convey so much sleaze and weirdness through atmosphere and characters, but I am sure some viewers will bemoan the lack of more graphic, visceral content. I love gore and nakedness, but I never missed it here, as Bag Boy Lover Boy ups the creep factor so much. The pace is brisk and at under 80 minutes, this one is a breeze to watch. Those in search of a complex narrative might be let down, but I think the movie does plenty in that duration. This is a wild one, fueled by a crazed lead and plenty of creepiness to boot.

Some of the models are topless, while numerous pictures and artwork of vivid nakedness can be seen. But in terms of on screen, real nudity, we have those topless scenes and some bare asses. Rest assured, the movie still has sleaze to burn and feels soaked in lurid creepiness, so don’t let the low skin quotient concern you. The same holds true of the blood, as there isn’t much to go around, but the mood is always tense and given Albert’s fragile mind, the threat of violence is constant. This is more exploitation than horror, so keep that in mind as well. I loved the exchanges between Ivan and Albert, as the artist talks down to his model and tries to browbeat him into agreement, only to find that Albert isn’t one of his usual desperate models. In turn, how Albert deals with his own models is just as outlandish, as he barks orders and uses all the right lingo, but has no idea what is going on. Albert is such an odd, unique character, you can’t help but be interesting in all of his lines and actions. On the craziness scale, Albert alone is enough to earn a few points, but throw in the pretentious piggie scene, the dance moves, and the general sleaze coated environment, and you have a pretty wild one. I liked how all the craziness was driven by the characters as well, not just random weird stuff to spice up the movie.

Nudity: 2/10

Blood: 2/10

Dialogue: 6/10

Overall Insanity: 7/10

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