Plot: Amy (Mila Kunis) is about to have her first post divorce Christmas, so she feels some serious pressure to create a magical experience. After all, her domineering mother Ruth (Christine Baranski) will be critiquing the entire process, adding even more tension to the holidays. After she gets fed up with the pressure, she meets with fellows moms Kiki (Kristen Bell) and Carla (Kathryn Hahn), the ladies decide that the unrealistic expectations have to end. They plan to take Christmas back, cut back on all the planning and activities, opting for a chill, laid back season. Of course, this leads to immense conflict between Amy and Ruth, while Kiki and Carla have their own mom related stress triggers to contend with. The effort to simplify the holidays has made things even more hectic and stressful, as it turns out. Can these moms get things straightened out in time, or is this Christmas ruined?

Entertainment Value: A Bad Moms Christmas leans on the same crutch so many other “women gone wild” movies depend on, the premise that curse words are naughty and by turn, make a movie wild. So the movie runs with that premise, but the issue is, just saying profane things isn’t that wild. No matter how many times you drop f bombs, this is still a sentimental movie that keeps the craziness reeled in. The movie actually works much better when it stop trying to be edgy, like when it explores Kiki’s weird life or focuses on Amy’s mother Ruth. This brings me to another issue with Bad Moms movies, as Mila Kunis is the dullest part of the films, but is given the lion’s share of screen time, which just doesn’t make sense. Both Kiki and Carla are eons more interesting, but are relegated to the background, while dull as dishwater Amy panders to moms in the crowd about being underappreciated. So when the movie lets the supporting moms and in this case, grandmothers take the spotlight, things pick up and provide solid entertainment, then slide back into boredom when Amy retakes the limelight. I think this sequel proves to be more fun than the original, as the grandmothers were a great inclusion, but in the end, this is just a mediocre comic effort.

No nakedness. The movie loves to pile the sex talk, but outside of a crotch bulge, there’s no action behind that talk. No blood. This one has no real violence, so no surprise that bloodshed isn’t involved. The dialogue tries so hard to shock, but comes off like a toddler spouting bad words to get attention. The writing is mostly bland, just throwing in f bombs instead of real attempts at humor, or weaving between profane moments and overly melodramatic sentimentality. But some fun stuff still sneaks through, such as the scenes with Kiki and her mother, which tend to steal the show. Bell and Cheryl Hines have good chemistry and the weird, creepy vibe between them is hilarious, it is a shame they were given such little time. Carla is a fun character as well, but the writers just piled on curse words and sexual references, instead of taking advantage of Hahn’s towering comedic skills. Baranski is excellent here however, providing many of the best moments and conveying the ice queen with great skill. This is yet another “women gone wild” movie that offers little to no craziness, so no points there.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 4/10

Overall Insanity: 0/10

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