Plot: Although Cole (Judah Lewis) thinks he is too old to need a babysitter, he doesn’t mind at all when his parents hire Bee (Samara Weaving) to watch him. She is beyond hot, super smart, and gets all of his references, the two always have a lot of fun and she is one of the few bright spots in Cole’s life. He is picked on at school and worries about his home life, but when Bee is around, he can relax and be himself, enjoying life even if only for a few hours. But when he learns that babysitters often have wild sex after their charges are asleep, he decides to needs to find out what happens while he is in bed. So the next Bee is over, the two have fun like always, but Cole stays awakes to peek down on what she gets up to late at night. As it turns out, she has friends over and a game of truth or dare breaks out. This leads to some gossip and some kissing, then to someone having two knives rammed into their skull. If Cole has uncovered a dark, deadly secret, can he survive the night?

Entertainment Value: I have to be honest, a horror movie directed by McG didn’t set my expectations on fire, but the previews seemed fun, so I rolled the dice. As it turns out, this is a brisk, fun, and often absurd slice of campy horror. The tone is darkly comic, even as bodies pile up and gruesome injuries unfold, so this isn’t about even mild scares or tension. The horror/comedy is no simple task to pull off, but The Babysitter manages to balance the elements well, with consistent dark humor, as well as splashes of blood and the ever present threat of imminent death. The movie is also fairly unpredictable, to the point that it makes ridiculous choices in direction, but somehow most of them manage to entertain. Samara Weaving is a big reason the movie does work so well, with a charismatic and alluring performance that puts a spell on the audience, even as she unleashes a torrent of satanic violence. She encapsulates that babysitter fantasy to perfection, but the role is also so much more. Bella Thorne is fun in a smaller role, one that allows her to lament about her disfigured breast and how no man will want to motorboat her now. This is high octane, little substance entertainment, but it is a fun ride and sometimes, that is enough.

No nakedness. I imagine a lot of viewers will try to will our babysitter to take off her clothes, but no such luck. There is quite a spectacular kissing scene between Thorne and Weaving however, so there’s that. The bloodshed is rampant at times, with fountains of the red stuff gushing from various wounds. None of the kills are overly creative or wild, but they produce strong gushes of crimson, sometimes to comedic levels, as characters are hosed down in the stuff. The movie also has a fun car stunt late in the movie, that is over the top and a suitable cherry on top of this sundae. So more blood than you might think, but don’t expect frequent, blood soaked kills. But most of the ones we get are fun and deliver on the gore front. A lot of fun dialogue, though way too many pop culture references for my tastes. Some people love constant movie quotes and references however, so I understand why they’ve been included. Bella Thorne has some great moments in this, playing her usual bitch role quite well, while Weaving is just about the coolest babysitter you’ll find. So some quirky, fun lines in this one, though not a steady flow of memorable exchanges. As for craziness, the main plot twist is a fun one, but aside from the dark comic slant, this one never goes too insane. A little further than most recent horror movies, but it is still reeled in.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 5/10

Dialogue: 3/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10