Plot: Our host the Mistress of Macabre (Kerry Taylor) guides us through a trio of tales that focus on the darker side of the supernatural. In Midnight Macbre, three young women revisit an infamous local legend about a group of people who played a game with the other, then vanished. After a few drinks, the girls decide to have some fun and play the forbidden game themselves. But is Midnight Macabre just a spooky game or are dark forces about to be unleashed? In 3 AM, reality television ghost hunters visit a home that is supposedly haunted, to document the paranormal events and perhaps provide some answers for those inside. But when things prove to be a little more real than the ghost hunters expected, will this be their final episode? A Soul Was Sold takes us inside a mysterious series of disappearances, with the victims just dropping off the grid with no signs of rhyme or reason. Are these spooky tales somehow connected and if so, will our Mistress of Macabre reveal the dark truth?

Entertainment Value: This is an indie horror anthology from Messenger for the Damned Entertainment, hosted by Kerry Taylor who gives us a brief intro on each tale, then an epilogue finale. As with all anthologies, some of the stories are better than others and in the case of Midnight Macabre, I think 3 AM is the weak link. I just think it feels a little out of place and derails the vibe of the movie, whereas Midnight Macabre and A Soul Was Sold dovetail nicely. But at 73 minutes, the movie has a brisk pace and even 3 AM moves at a good clip, so the movie never drags or feels slow whatsoever. I think my personal favorite segment was Midnight Macabre, as it has a colorful cast and some humorous moments. The old pervert who kind of looks like Jake “The Snake” Roberts was a highlight for me, while we also have a nice assortment of attractive women who are fun to watch. The performances are not going to win any awards, but they’re fun to watch and fall in line with what you’d expect from this kind of indie horror. I think it adds to the fun of the movie, though when things take a little more serious turn, it does hamper things a bit. I appreciated that you can tell the cast is having fun, especially in the Midnight Macabre segment. I had fun with this indie anthology, as it offered up colorful characters, beautiful women, and a fun, campy horror slant, so if you like indie horror, give this one a look.

This movie knows how to work nudity into the script, just have the girl need to shower and boom, problem solved. I also liked how there was random flashing and bra & panty shots with little to no motivation. So think kind of along the lines of Seduction Cinema or Bill Zebub films, where nudity needs no justification other than showing off some beautiful women. In this case, we have a number of topless scenes and though most are quick flashes, all bare breasts matter, right? A little blood, but no gore, so the bloodshed is very light here. The dialogue shines in Midnight Macabre, but the other two pieces are a little too serious to yield the kind of wackiness we love. The girls rattle off some humorous exchanges, while our lovable old pervert is fun to watch, begging for a quick peek or a brief motorboat. Kody Evans has some colorful moments in the final segment, but the real gems are mostly in Midnight Macabre. The movie has colorful elements and plenty of quirk, but rarely feels like it running off the rails. The Midnight Macabre piece earns a point or two, but the others are just a little serious, as I mentioned before. But there’s still some wackiness here, to be sure.

Nudity: 3/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 3/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10

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