Plot: In business, sometimes you have to get creative when times are tough, which is just what the Lotus Cat Food Company needs to do. The product sales are down, costs are up, and it looks like it could shut down soon. But a bold idea saved the company, as a new source of meat has slashed costs and sent profits through the roof. After all, if you dig up the recently deceased and use the ground up corpses to fill the cat food cans, the sky is the limit for corporate success. This bold tactic of robbing graves to seems to be a success, but soon some odd things begin to happen. A spree of feline related violence pops off, with once amiable house cats attacking their owners in vicious ways. Then once the kill is made, these cats feast upon the corpses, now hooked on human flesh thanks to Lotus. But will the public learn the awful truth about the cat food, or will they all fall victim to these carnivorous cats?

Entertainment Value: A wild, nonsense filled b movie, The Corpse Grinders offers campy, over the top good times. The premise of cats feasting on their owners after being fed human flesh is hilarious, coupled with the awful, melodramatic performances that drive the entertainment through the roof. The cast is ridiculous, overly serious and doing their best dinner theater level work. The acting might not be good, but it is immense fun to watch and some of them treat this man eating house cat story like it is Shakespeare, trying to deliver dramatic greatness. That is a recipe for fun, if you ask me. I mean, cats out for blood is fun, but bad actors alternating between dead serious and shouting camp is even better. Ted V. Mikels’ cult classic is low rent, but what it lacks in polish, it more than compensates for with outlandishness. The narrative takes oddball turns and thanks to a good sense of humor, the movie runs with the chaos. Obviously this kind of madness isn’t going to delight everyone, but there’s a reason The Corpse Grinders has remained a cult favorite for decades. For fans of wild b movies, ridiculous stories, and ham handed performances, this one is a must have for your collections.

No nakedness. A couple of the ladies strip down to more revealing wares, but no skin is on showcase here. The blood is one of the funniest parts of the movie, especially the cat attack sequences. The gore is low rent and silly in nature, as the cats lick the victims and little else. But it is hilarious to watch and come on, that’s the point here. The meat machine itself is quite gross, with some kind of disgusting, generic meat paste pushed out once the victims are rolled in. I don’t know how it turns to clothes into meat paste, but it is a magnificent machine. The dialogue here is immaculate, a bunch of wild lines read by a melodramatic cast. Some are overly serious, some shout all their lines, and others just look lost, but it is all super fun to watch. I don’t think there’s a lot of quotable lines per se, but even common exchanges are often riotous, so it certainly deserves some solid points for sheer volume of lunacy. As for craziness, besides the insane premise, hilarious cast, and low rent production values, we have fun stuff like geese gone wild, a doll seated for dinner, and sign language about winos.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 6/10

Overall Insanity: 7/10

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