Plot: While she caused all kinds of trouble last Halloween, this year Tiffany (Diamond White) plans to have a smooth, wild night. This is because she is now eighteen and can what she wants, when she wants, especially since her mother bought her a car, much to her father’s dismay. Her dad Brian (Tyler Perry) learns she is going to an all night party at the same lake where some people were murdered, but despite his protests, he is unable to keep her from heading there. He and his friend Victor (Tito Ortiz) lament the pains of raising of a teen daughter, but Aunt Madea (Tyler Perry) has a much more active plan in mind. She loads up her friends and ventures to the lake, to snatch up Tiffany and bring her back home. But strange things are happening, both at the lake and around Madea’s car, such as an eerie little girl and various party goers vanishing, but this time, the frat boys aren’t pulling a prank. Is there a sinister force loose at the lake and if so, can anyone survive?

Entertainment Value: I wasn’t a big of the first Boo! movie, as it wasn’t much of a Halloween movie, just a loud comedy. Boo 2! is just as loud, but puts a lot more of the Halloween spirit into the material, which makes a lot of difference. I still don’t really like the Madea brand of humor, but seeing her and her friends interact with horror tropes added some fun. The horror elements aren’t intense of course, but they are used to put the characters in fresh situations, which is all you can expect here. The focus is still on the humor and as this is a Madea movie, that means a lot of loud, stereotype driven jokes and personas. So more weed jokes, allusions to sex, and Madea reminded everyone she has a record and warrants out. I do think Boo 2! is a significant improvement over the original, as it at least embraces the Halloween backdrop somewhat, while also staying within the expected Madea guidelines. While this sequel is better, I still don’t think it will convert new fans, as it the same Madea material, just with a creepy girl and some light scares involved. So if you’re not a fan, this won’t win you over, but for Madea’s fans, it is more of the same well practiced formula.

No nakedness. There is frequent sex talk and some awkward moments from the old man, but no nudity or graphic content. No blood, aside from some very light moments of red stuff that are remnants of off screen violence. Madea hits something with her car and there’s a minor amount on her bumper, for example. This is family friend type horror, just a few light jump scares and that’s it. The dialogue is typical Madea, loud, brash, and broad humor from start to finish. A lot of family dysfunction and arguments, which I of course love in most cases, but here only some it lands. I do think some of the jokes hit the mark, but when a movie throws this many attempts out, you have to think at least a small percentage will work, right? I do think Madea and her friends interacting with the horror elements were the highlight, so it is a shame so much time was wasted on the frat boys and early exposition. So not my cup of tea, but if you like loud, broad humor, this is right up your alley. Aside from some minor wackiness with Madea’s friends and the creepier aspects of the movie, this one plays it right along Tyler Perry comedy lines, so no surprises or craziness.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 3/10

Overall Insanity: 1/10