Plot: Layla (Kelly Sullivan) seems to have her life on track, as her perfume business is doing well and she is hopeful about upcoming fertility treatments. She and her husband Nate (Gabriel Hogan) are ready to have a child and thanks to fertility expert Dr. Hartlin (Sofia Milos), that should become a reality. Layla meets with Dr. Hartlin and she seems confident that the treatments will work, but will require Layla to take doses of hormones that could cause mood swings. This isn’t the best time to such mood issues, given that she is working on a big business deal with a reality tv star, but she is sure she can juggle it all and be fine. But the mood swings prove to be quite severe, making her short tempered and causing some issues between her and well, everyone she encounters. But she pushes through, since it is just part of the process and won’t be permanent. Soon however, Nate begins to act strangely and she suspects Dr. Hartlin might not be as nice as she seems, but she tries to write it off as a hormonal reaction. But is it just hormones or there more to this situation than meets the eye?

Entertainment Value: Also known as The Stranger Inside, Give Me My Baby taps the tried & true Lifetime well of obsessed stalkers. This kind of story often involves some kind of gaslight tactics, to make the target doubt their own sanity, even as their lives crumble around them. In this case, the gaslight comes in a unique way, as Layla is dosed with high levels of hormones. So not only does she doubt her suspicions, but everyone around her writes off her paranoia and recent craziness as hormonal. This is a smart approach, at it allows Layla to really go off the deep end and have it make sense, not to mention be fun to watch. This might seem like a small narrative choice, but in essence, it doubles the melodrama. Instead of our villain being the lone unstable presence, now our protagonist is also going insane, so we have two off the rails women locked in mortal challenge. This is Lifetime after all, so the more melodrama and crazy females in the mix, all the better. Sofia Milos makes a fun villain, camping it up and going over the top, while Kelly Sullivan’s descent into hormonal madness is just as fun to watch, especially toward the finale when she’s really over the edge. The story makes little sense and is beyond suspension of disbelief, but it is all for a good cause, to deliver drama, dysfunction, and unstable females, so this one is a lot of fun.

No nakedness. This is Lifetime, so you have to be reasonable. The lone sex scene is only hinted at, as part of a drunken golf lesson turned sexual. No blood either, though Dr. Hartlin gets pretty wild with some syringes, which adds some tense moments toward the draamtic finale. So no blood, but if you are scared of needles, this one has numerous scenes to make you cringe. The dialogue is super fun in this one, since we have not one, but two unstable females going deep into melodrama. Dr. Hartlin gives us a more cold, reserved craziness, while Layla is an emotional wreck that provides frequent, sudden outbursts. We also have a husband who is useless, either drunk or moving like a zombie through life. I mean, the voice of reason in this one is a bratty teen, so you know it has ample melodrama. The craziness here comes from the wild narrative, which throws a totally off the rails twist in that blasts the movie into the “what the hell” realm, even by Lifetime standards. Not to mention double the melodrama and crazy females, which is always fun.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 5/10

Overall Insanity: 4/10

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