Plot: After a rough past that pushed her to the brink, Kristen (Kaitlyn Black) seems to have her life back on track. She is still sensitive to the past, but she works as an interior decorator and seems to be on more stable ground. When her friend Ashley (Vanessa Evigan) reveals the news that she is pregnant, Kristen shares news of her own, as she is also expecting. A one night stand with an old flame led to her current situation, but she couldn’t be happier. Soon the two friends enhance their bond through the shared experience of pregnancy, doing doctor visits together and helping each other cope with the various trials and tribulations. Ashley gives birth to a daughter, which delights her and her husband to no end. She plans a visit to her mother’s, but she never arrives and soon, panic sets in. No one has seen her and when the police discover her dead at the scene of an accident, the baby is gone. Kristen is unable to aid in the search since she is going into labor, while Ashley’s husband worries a recent bad business deal might have led to violent repercussions. What happened to Ashley and will her baby daughter ever be found?

Entertainment Value: I watch a lot of Lifetime movies and Babynapped is one that manages to follow the usual formula, but toss in some nice twists. The movie opens with a drama filled series of scenes, as Kristen has an explosive meltdown, then it settles into a more laid back, chick flick vibe for a while. This might sound like bad news, but it isn’t at all. Even in the female bonding section of the movie, the dread builds and you know something horrific is going to unfold, so the anticipation is palpable and that adds a lot to the experience. The movie is predictable, but does a great job at times in tweaking your brain a little, to make you think perhaps things aren’t so simple. Most Lifetime movies never bother to be subtle, so Babynapped earns points for making an effort to gaslight the viewers a little here and there. The reveals that indicate things might not be as simple as they appear were great touches. The performances are passable, but Kaitlyn Black shines here in the lead. She plays the unstable role well, bringing explosive emotional outbursts and a general sense of always being on the edge of a total meltdown, which is a lot of fun. Lifetime has given us a lot of great crazy females and while Black isn’t often allowed to fire on all cylinders, her work here is great fun and she more than brings the craziness. On the downside is David Gallagher as Ashley’s husband, as he tanks every scene he is in and tries way too hard to be this driven, hard ass. But aside from that, the cast is solid. If you’re a fan of Lifetime movies, Babynapped is going to light up all the right parts of your brain.

No nakedness. This is Lifetime, so you know better. Kaitlyn Black is super hot and super crazy, but no such luck since this is basic cable television. No blood. As the movie features no real violence beyond a punch and the aftermath of a car accident, there’s not really room for bloodshed. I’d love to see Black in a role that let her be a psycho stalker or obsessed lunatic, however. The dialogue is mostly run of the mill type stuff, but we do get some fun outbursts from Kristen, lame duck husband presence, a funeral disruption, and some relationship dysfunction. Also perhaps one of the worst detectives I’ve seen, even for a Lifetime movie. She takes no interest in a huge potential lead, but travels across the world to pursue another? In terms of craziness, Black’s performance gives us a couple points worth of off the rails fun, plus an extra point for the nice attempts to keep the narrative a little wonky.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 3/10

Overall Insanity: 3/10