Plot: Soma (Bueno) is a real asshole, a rude and lazy Smartball parlor worker who hates his job and pretty much everything else in life. But he isn’t always just a common douche, as he sometimes transforms into Gun Caliber, a gun slinging superhero who fights crime and also happens to be a douche. He is an expert marksman with his cutting edge tech weapons, belching, farting, and groping his way through whatever criminals happen to be in his path. A great force of evil amasses however, an organization of pure terror known as Skulldier, led by a creepy old man who loves to laugh and join in sexual festivities. So Soma needs to team with with some other heroes, such as fellatio skilled Flamingo Pink, to end Skulldier’s hopes of world domination. But can overcome his laziness and desire to just dick around long enough to thwart Skulldier, or will the bad guys finally have the last (overly long) laugh?

Entertainment Value: If you’re tired of cookie cutter superhero movies, Gun Caliber is about as offbeat as it gets. This is a slapstick superhero comedy, with some action scenes plugged in, but these heroes aren’t the typical kind. Gun Caliber himself is a total jerk, a lazy and hateful guy who feels up women, insults civilians, harasses news reporters, and ruins children’s birthday parties, while we also meet a heroine named Flamingo Pink who harnesses the power of fellatio. This feels like a manic comic book or video game, with ridiculous humor, colorful characters, and action scenes that look slapdash, but still quite fun. Of course, you need to appreciate absurd, often random lowbrow humor, as that is exactly what the movie specializes in. Dick jokes, fart jokes, sex jokes, stupid one liners, and childish behavior are the order of the day, all wrapped in a silly superhero package. Gun Caliber is not going to appeal to a wide audience, but it is a lot of fun if you’re into offbeat, off the wall type cinema. I liked the rampant dysfunction and over the top characters, especially the old man who leads Skulldier. So if you like colorful, absurd movies like only Japan can deliver, check out Gun Caliber, as it delivers the wild good times.

On the nakedness front, we have a few topless scenes, including an oddball rap video style dance party at one point. The movie has a lot of sexual situations and dick jokes, but not all that much actual naked flesh involved. In terms of blood, I am awarding one point, but in truth, there is no practical gore involved. Some of the superhero battles yield huge splashes of blood, but it is all low end, poorly crafted CGI. I didn’t mind as much in this case, given the comic book/video game feel of the movie, but it still looks quite bad. But I do think the silly, over the top tone of the movie helps dampen the CGI drag, so there’s that. The dialogue is insane here, with a number of hilarious and random exchanges throughout. Most scenes have at least a memorable line or two, with some real home run type banter in some instances. The old man is wired for verbal gold, while Gun Caliber’s interactions with pretty much anyone yield humorous results. This is goofy, random, and absurd stuff, but it entertains. The movie also packs in the craziness, with a consistent stream of ridiculous, unpredictable moments. More wacky than crazy perhaps, but still an unstable, wild movie.

Nudity: 1/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 7/10

Overall Insanity: 6/10

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