Plot: Jessica (Karen Cliche) is a woman who gets what she wants, but when her husband is jailed and her luxurious lifestyle is endangered, even she will be hard pressed to keep things in line. After all, she is used to the finer things in life and with most of her wealth frozen in the legal battle, she faces some severe shifts in lifestyle. But a door opens when a man from her past dies, as he was the father of Jessica’s daughter, who she gave up and then started a new life. As he is dead, Jessica sees a chance to reclaim the wealth she needs, as her daughter now stands to inherit tens of millions of dollars. So she reaches out and makes contact, then begins to connect with her long lost child, while anyone who questions her motives seems to meet with unfortunate ends. This is because she has hired an old flame to problem solve for her, which means he takes care of anyone who stands in her path. Will Jessica’s plot to take her daughter’s fortune work, or will she go too far and expose the truth?

Entertainment Value: While some Lifetime movies shroud their characters’ motives and make you guess if they’ve truly changed their ways, Killer Mom makes no bones about it, Jessica is an ice cold bitch who just wants cold, hard cash. There’s no doubt about what she wants, so it becomes an issue of how far is she willing to go to serve her selfish needs and how many people will suffer as a result. Karen Cliche plays Jessica and does well, putting up a somewhat kind front, then unleashing a stone cold bitch side that is a lot of fun to watch. She is a ruthless character and the performance conveys that, which is crucial since the movie centers on Jessica. Her interactions with others are wild, even minor exchanges prove to be memorable, such as when she cries rape in order to dodge a hotel bill. The rest of the cast is fine as well, from the slutty sister with a heart of gold to the rock solid family lawyer to the saccharine sweet daughter, who is simply a pawn in her mother’s twisted games. The overall melodrama is lower than some Lifetime movies, but the dysfunction runs high, thanks to Jessica’s sociopath antics. I do wish the movie had some worthy enemies for her to square off with, as it could have led to some epic moments. But she is still a memorable character and the movie is a fun watch, so fans of Lifetime movies won’t be disappointed.

No nakedness. But if this was an R rated movie, I can only imagine the kind of sexual madness Jessica would unleash upon her victims. A little blood from gun shot wounds, but that’s about it. A staged suicide offers some tense moments, but of course, the actual fired shot isn’t shown on screen. The finale offers up a suitable conclusion, but again, holds back in terms of visible violence. I would love to see an R rated version, as I am certain Jessica would carve a blood soaked path of destruction, with no end to her ruthless methods. The dialogue is mostly run of the mill, with Jessica being the lone source of memorable lines. Her banter with her old flame is fun to watch, as well as her cold as ice interactions with those who oppose her. The writing doesn’t go over the top or overly dramatic often however, which is a shame. Of course, some will appreciate that style, so I suppose it comes down to your own preference. I wish this one was unhinged, as Jessica is poised to dive off the deep end, but aside from her heartless behavior, the movie isn’t that wild. Even so, she is a memorable character and her ruthless ways earn one solid point.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 2/10

Overall Insanity: 1/10