Plot: An asteroid is on a collision course with Earth, destined to caused massive damage unless a last minute mission can avert the disaster. A team of elite astronauts is soon dispatched to land on the asteroid, plant some explosives, and knock the massive rock off course. The mission proves to be a success and the planet is saved, but unknown to those involved, an alien presence has crept into the return trip. A small glob of green slime has attached itself to an astronaut’s clothes and remained unnoticed, but soon it starts to foam out of control and chaos follows. The small slime turns into an alien creature, one that can replicate itself and thanks to some odd electrical powers, defend itself against the space station’s crew. As these tentacle wielding green aliens run roughshod over the compound, it becomes clear that unorthodox tactics will be needed if the crew hopes to survive and eliminate the threat. But when faced with such a powerful, unusual enemy, is there any hope of toppling the alien menace?

Entertainment Value: This review covers the American version of The Green Slime, which runs about 13 minutes longer than the Japanese cut. The latter is a little more fast paced and cuts some exposition, but this longer version remains effective and it is a lot of fun to watch. This is a wild, b movie bonanza of over the top science, wacky aliens, and super fun miniature effects. This one has ample camp and cheese, but never fails to entertain and has the feel of old school American sci/fi mixed with Japanese style aliens/monsters. Kinji Fukasaku directed The Green Slime and while he said the story has ties to the Vietnam war, I don’t think most viewers will be invested enough in the narrative to pick up those cues. I think the special effects will garner the most attention, with lasers, aliens, miniatures, and more. All of the elements you could want from an old school, sci/fi b movie are here, including rampant science talk and of course, colleagues at odds on how to handle an alien presence. Now not everyone appreciates this kind of b movie flavor, but The Green Slime has a good pace and more consistent wackiness than most, so it might fan over some new fans. But for anyone who loves b movies, old school sci/fi, or just over the top, strange movies, The Green Slime earns a high recommendation and is just a super fun movie.

No nakedness. A little blood here and there, some human and some green alien blood even, but not much. A lot of lasers and tentacles being waved around, but the violence is never graphic in the least. But we do get a plethora of aliens and while they do look kind of ridiculous, they’re always just cool, I think. All the eyes all over the place, sparkler-like tentacle powers, and green ooze make for some memorable b movie monsters. The effects also yield some really cool miniatures, from rockets to space stations and beyond, which I fell in love with. I know some find the old school miniatures approach to be hokey, but I prefer this over CGI, without question. The dialogue is a mix of science speak and tough guy talk, with some nice exchanges. The rivalry between our two heroes sparks some of the better lines, as each tries to humble and one up the other, with often mixed results. So not a lot of big, quotable lines, but hey, the theme song alone earns a point, right? In terms of craziness, we have the wacky aliens, an outer space shoot out, mod costumes, and women who are seen but not heard, so some decent elements of silliness are present. While it does have some camp value, its not quite a roller coaster ride of wild moments.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 2/10

Overall Insanity: 4/10

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