Plot: A small, wooden carved idol might seem like an inconsequential trinket, but this idol depicts the Aztec god Destacatl. This idol also happens to be imbued with powers from beyond this world, causing those who possess or are even around it to suffer some rather horrific fates. The latest owner is Tommy (Chad Christian) who acquired the idol on a Mexican vacation and when he brings the creepy trinket to a graveyard for some occult laughs, he unleashes a supernatural flood of mayhem. A wave of horrific visions, sudden wake ups, facial disfigurements, and yes, even death washes over everyone close to Tommy, who is consumed by the idol’s dark powers. Can anything stop the violent curse of Destacatl, or will this ancient evil run rampant forever?

Entertainment Value: The Power always seems to be right on the brink of going over the top, but never embraces how ridiculous this movie is. The movie does up the ante a little in the final fifteen minutes or so, but it is really just one makeup effect driven set piece that provides the climax. I wanted things to plunge into the deep end so badly at times, but the movie just refuses to light the fuse and burn the house down. The makeup effects are fun to watch and mostly well crafted, but the story is thin and the cast is laughable at best. I don’t mind bad acting in the least and Chad Christian is a hoot in this one, playing one of the more outlandish nerds in horror cinema. I just wish the writing gave him more of a chance to showcase the crazier side of Tommy, as he always seems right on the edge, but then walks back. Despite the resistance to lower the gates of wackiness, The Power is still a fun movie and has enough wackiness to make it well worth a look. I know it sounds like I am down on the movie, but I do like it, I just wanted it to open the floodgates and go bananas. So slow stretches aside, this is one that fans of 80s horror should give a spin.

No nakedness. So if you were hoping for a wild, Aztec inspired sex scene or someone masturbating with the idol, no such luck. I mean, it would have been awesome, but it is what it is. On the bloodshed front, we have one impressive set piece toward the finale that involves some terrific makeup effects. This has skin ripping apart, blood oozing out, and it looks really cool, but sadly, that’s the only memorable gore in this one. A few other scenes offer some minor blood, but not much. The makeup effects throughout as a mixed bag, as some look better than others. So not much on the blood front, but at least there’s one memorable spot. The dialogue is passable, but I found it to be mostly forgettable and not many quotable lines pop up. Tommy is a character that seemed poised to have a lot of wacky, off the wall dialogue, but it doesn’t happen. A few minor fun lines do creep in, however. As I said above, The Power is always so close to madness, but keeps things reeled in for some reason. Tommy is still a fairly wild character however, so add that to the few other oddball elements and it earns a couple points. I am curious why the movie played things so straight, however.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 2/10

Dialogue: 1/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10

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