Plot: Anne (Kelsey Deanne) and her husband Harold (Chase Austin) have just moved into a new home, one that seems to check most of the boxes on their dream house list. The house was on the market for over five years, but the couple are too excited to consider that aspect of their new home. On the first night in the new house, they invite over some friends and break in the new digs. But one of the friends tells a story about the house, one that involves murder and talk of supernatural events. It seems a wife murdered her husband in his sleep, but she claimed a ghost was responsible. Anne shakes off the story at first, but she soon begins to dream about the ghostly woman her friend described, even having a nightmare where she killed Harold in his sleep. Harold tells her to brush it off as stress, but Anne continues to have strange encounters with the spirit and when Harold catches Anne carrying a knife for no reason, he realizes there might be a reason to be concerned. Is there a supernatural presence in their dream home and if so, will they be doomed to repeat the deadly events of the past?

Entertainment Value: The creepy girl ghost genre continues to be a popular one, so it is no surprise to find that approach used in Dead Story. A pale, eerie girl with long hair that obscures her face is not an original premise, but the movie seems content to offer a familiar experience that it hopes still entertains. This was a low budget production and it shows, as the movie isn’t able to offer dramatic set pieces to escalate the haunting side of things, but it does well with what it has. The tone is serious, but the cast keeps things on the campy side with some less than stellar performances. I don’t mind this in the least, as whatever entertains works for me. I think the mother-in-law was the most memorable character, as she seems so bitter and the actress turns in a wooden, hilarious effort with her limited screen time. Kelsey Deanne seems to put in effort, but comes off as stilted and awkward in most scenes. But she is hot and her odd performance adds some fun, so I am glad she was around here. The pace is slow at times and the horror aspects don’t pack much of a scare, but the real value here is the performances and odd moments. So if you like over the top, dysfunctional people or the idea of a crazy girl dancing with a ghost, you should check out Dead Story.

No nakedness. If you hoped the moonlight dance between the ghost and Anne would take an erotic turn, you’re out luck. I know, we all wanted it to happen, but sadly, it just wasn’t in the cards. A little blood, but its digital and not well done. A drip here and there toward the end, but not enough to score a point. This isn’t a slasher movie, so the lack of gore isn’t a real issue, but of course, I wouldn’t have minded if the mother-in-law went on a blood soaked rampage. After all, her son married a tramp who also happens to be a crazy bitch! The dialogue is mostly bland, but that mother-in-law adds a lot of hilarious moments. She is just a stone cold bitch and tears down Anne whenever she can, I wish she was around throughout, but she is absent through most of the middle of the movie. Anne has some moments as well, but the mother-in-law steals the show and earns the points here. The craziness is limited, but the mother-in-law antics put some wackiness on the board, as do the dance scenes between Anne and the ghost, but overall, not an off the rails adventure this time.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 3/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10

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