Plot: Eddy Kay (Michael Biehn) is a chill kind of dude with a rather dull, meticulous profession, as he is a watchmaker. But as it turns out, he wasn’t always such a mild mannered hombre. When he witnesses a fire engulfing a building, without even a moment’s hesitation, he runs inside to rescue those within. This heroic act doesn’t go unnoticed however, which puts him on the radar of some bad guys from his past, who aren’t glad to see him alive and well. An assassin is dispatched to put Eddy down, but he fights off the intruder and soon, begins to experience intense flashbacks, though these memories aren’t ones he recognizes. Even a therapist seems at a loss to help him, so Eddy is tormented by these unknown visions. What dark secrets lurk in Eddy’s past and can he hope to overcome them and survive?

Entertainment Value: A 90s action-thriller with Michael Biehn as a assassin brainwashed into a life as a timid watchmaker? Yes please. This is an odd movie, as it follows normal action movie conventions for a while, then the wheels fall off and things just spiral into madness. A little at a time, a sci/fi thread also weaves into the narrative, then blooms toward the homestretch. The more the movie focuses in on that sci/fi side of the coin, the faster things head into that spiral. The last half of the movie picks up the pace, ramps up the craziness, and is just much entertaining than the first half or so, I just wish the entire film was on that same wavelength. I do still think the first half is solid, but once things get into motion, the movie is just so much more fun. Biehn is solid as our hero, Billy Blanks pops in an assassin, and we also have Patsy Kensit, Robert Culp, and Tracy Scroggins on the cast list. The performances are fine and everyone seems to play things fairly straight, which of course adds to the entertainment. I had a lot of fun going back to Timebomb and for anyone who appreciates offbeat, pretty wild sci/fi action flicks, it is more than recommended.

A few nude scenes to admire in this one, mostly in flashback scenes that display a fully nude, fully hot woman. This means breasts, bare ass, and yes, well manicured bush are on showcase. There’s also a sex scene that shows a little more than most, so some rock decent sleaze in this flick. Some blood flows from gun shots and such, but not much gore or bloodshed. But we do have a wild set piece where Biehn is covered in wires and other bits of tech, while immersed in a pool of some murky liquid. This is a pretty out there visual, and involves a quick splash of crimson in one scene. The action is plentiful, especially in the second half or so, when things start to rocket over the top. The dialogue is pretty standard stuff most of the time, but we do have some bright spots with Biehn’s one liners and even some phone sex from our lead villain. My favorite moment is during an intense scene where a woman waits for an ATM slip and Biehn shouts “fuck the receipt,” great stuff. The craziness mostly resides in the second half, with a water bottle silencer, a toilet that holds a small arsenal, wire covered Biehn, and an outlandish hotel room that has to be seen. The hotel room sequence is the highlight of the movie, with over the top action and wild moments. If the entire movie was on par with that hotel room scene, holy shit.

Nudity: 3/10

Blood: 2/10

Dialogue: 3/10

Overall Insanity: 5/10

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