Plot: The chance of a lifetime has arisen for all-girl rock band Vicious Lips, as a spot has opened at Radioactive Dreams, an elite nightclub. If the band can impress the crowd and hot shots at the club, the road to stardom seems guaranteed, but sadly, Vicious Lips might not even make it to the stage. The lead singer Ace Lucas has been killed in a tragic turn of events, so without a vocalist, the group is up a creek. The group’s manager Matty Asher (Anthony Kentz) is about to let this opportunity slip past however, so he begins to scout for a replacement. At a high school talent show, he discovers Judy Jetson (Dru-Anne Perry) and brings her into the fold, as she has some real talent, even if she is young and inexperienced. Her first performance goes well and the crowd loves her, but the others in Vicious Lips aren’t so taken with the new girl. The conflict simmers as the group travels on the long journey to Radioactive Dreams, at least until a crash landing seems to once again threaten their big break. Can the group put aside their differences and work together to get back on course, or will their dreams die in this barren wasteland, like so many others before them?

Entertainment Value: An all-girl rock band, hideous creatures, and Albert Pyun in the director’s chair? Yes folks, Vicious Lips has all those elements and more, an Empire Pictures release that drips with 80s texture. The big hair, vivid makeup, and low budget, big fun special effects abound here, all to some hard rockin’ music that drives the entire movie. This one is more sci/fi than horror, though the assorted creatures do lend a touch of the horror feel. The music isn’t just a plot device, instead it does power the movie and at times, this comes off like an extended music video, focused on style and visuals over narrative sense. But I don’t mind in the least, as the movie is fun to watch and with girl rockers kicking ass and tons of 80s flavor, I don’t need a complex plot or intricate threads of storytelling to unravel. The narrative doesn’t make a lot of sense really, but again, that isn’t where the emphasis resides here. The music and visuals rule the roost, with both more than up to the task. So if you prefer style over substance and have a thing for those wonderful 80s starlets, Vicious Lips is made to order.

A couple of girls get topless during a desert scene, which involves some impressive mounds, but that’s all for the nakedness. You might expect more sleaze given the artwork and marketing elements, but this one is more about sex than music, unless you mean sex with a fungi dwarf. No blood, but as I said above, the movie has some nice creature effects to soak in. This is sci/fi after all, so we have some cool looking aliens and some mean looking monsters, but the violence is mostly action oriented, so no bursts of the red stuff here. Now I love flesh and blood in my movies, so I wouldn’t have minded more sleaze, but the movie is so brisk, you don’t have time to miss it. The dialogue involves some funky, futuristic lingo and rock star talk, as well as the band’s annoying as hell manager who gets a few nice lines. Not a wealth of memorable or quotable stuff here, but some passable lines at times. The craziness isn’t that extreme in this one, aside from maybe how deep in the 80s pool the style wades, but compared to similar Empire flicks, this one comes as pretty grounded. Which isn’t a knock on Vicious Lips, as it is fun to watch, just not a wild, off the rails type movie.

Nudity: 1/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 2/10

Overall Insanity: 1/10

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