Plot: A woman is assassinated by aliens as she relaxes on a park bench, leaving her brother a total mess. His friends decide he needs to cheer up, so they plan a series of comedy routines, juggling performances, karaoke sessions, dance numbers, and other things to help perk up his mood. This goes on for a while, then we discover a full scale alien invasion has happened, not to mention that we learn how influential Joe Franklin is in the entertainment business. Can the power of telepathic messaging be used to fend off the aliens or is the world doomed?

Entertainment Value: While the films of Carl J. Sukenick are pretty obscure by any standards, Space Psychos is one that even by that standard, is a buried picture. The version I viewed for this review is unlikely to be offered for wide release, as it is filled with licensed music likely to make an official release impossible. I couldn’t find much information about the movie anywhere, but I am glad I checked it out, as if nothing else, this is a one of a kind movie that defies all reason. This is almost like an episode of Tim & Eric, but real, with a parade of amateur musicians, actors, dancers, and other performers showcasing their talents, for reasons unknown to the audience. So we have a clown, people singing, some dance numbers, and best of all, some of the most awkward, epic fail comedy routines you will ever witness. But then, some of the jokes are read rapid fire from a visible script, so I guess that’s not a shock. There is an alien plot involved, but it only really involves the beginning and end sequences, in between is just a strange variety show of sorts, that is beyond description. This is one for people who want to see movies that simply refuse to follow any sort of guidelines or formulas, a one of a kind, totally ridiculous experience that never ceases to confuse and delight. You will be baffled, stunned with disbelief, and wondering what the hell is going on, so hey, that sounds worthwhile to me.

A brief scene involves a woman in her bra and panties chased around a table by an alien, but that’s as close to nakedness as get here. There’s some blood, but its beyond fake and no graphic gore is ever featured. Just some collapsing knife attacks and a red bottle head, so no points in this department. But dialogue sure earns some points, with a tidal wave of nonsense, awkward moments, and totally outlandish moments. Off camera prompts abound as well, helping actors remember lines or getting them back on point, after wild tangents. The performances are simply a thing of beauty, untrained and in the moment performers who struggle, but shine in terms of unintended entertainment. If nothing else, you can tell these folks had a lot of fun making Space Psychos and that energy is evident on screen. I especially loved the presence of a guy nicknamed Hurricane, who had the worst jokes, but so much enthusiasm, you couldn’t help but have fun when he was on camera. This is strange and cringe worthy content, but it is also fantastic and such a unique experience. In terms of craziness, this one puts up big points and does so because of how inexplicable the entire movie is, with offbeat cast members, half the movie taking place off screen, dialogue that is beyond ridiculous, and just a wild, off the rails feel throughout. I’m sure most people will hate this movie, but for fans of the truly odd, Space Psychos is a must see picture.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 10/10

Overall Insanity: 10/10