Plot: Monique (Joelle Coeur) and her girlfriend Jackie (Gilda Arancio) are on an excursion in the wilderness, camping in the great outdoors and have sex whenever and wherever possible. While the tranquility of nature is much appreciated by the young lovers, they also wouldn’t mind a night in a real bed, if only for a more comfortable place to make love. So when the couple happens upon what seems to be an unoccupied villa, they decide to venture inside and make themselves at home. After some naked cuddles, it becomes clear the girls are not alone inside the house, as a creepy man named Fred (Willy Braque) is also inside the house and despite his ridiculous mustache, Monique is soon letting him chow down on her feminine flower. Jackie soon arrives to join the fun and a threesome unfolds, but of course, the call of the wild lures the girls back out into the wilderness the next morning. But Fred hasn’t finished with them, as he believes them to be jewel thieves and he will extract the truth about the loot, even if it means using some torture to get what he wants…

Entertainment Value: While Jean Rollin is best known for his erotic vampire pictures, he also dabbled in other genres, such as whatever this movie falls into. The movie starts off as a sexploitation romp, with two girls getting naked and making out, then letting a creepy old man join in, but things take a wild turn after that. The film uncorks some fetishistic torture sequences, such as whipping and even breast clamping, as our ice cold villainess wields oversized pliers. The torture is never overly graphic or mean spirited, so it still has that sexploitation vibe, but the villains are quite effective. Willy Braque plays a shifty man with a crazy mustache, who seems right at home in a sex driven movie, while Marie Helene Regne is Beatrice, the bad ass bitch who runs the show and seems to love inflicting pain on our poor campers. I can see some Rollin fans not being into this one, as it isn’t surreal or visually dynamic, but I think its fun in that old school roughie sense. I was never bored and there’s plenty of quirky moments, not to mention hot, naked women. The narrative is minimal, but picks up in the second half and while not all that epic, Schoolgirl Hitchhikers is a brisk, fun watch. I do wish it was a little more off the rails or pushed things a little more, but for fans of sexploitation with an ever so slight dark side, it is worth a spin.

This one has a good amount of nakedness, with breasts, bare ass, and magnificent bush all on frequent showcase. The lead girls engage in a lot of cute cuddles, kissing, and non graphic oral favors, always eager to drop their clothes. When a guy is involved, things remain light and brisk, with more nakedness, but the sex scenes aren’t graphic. The weird mustache guy even leaves his pants on, so this one is mostly about the female skin involved. There’s also some light, fetish driven torture to be seen, with whipping and the pliers putting the squeeze on the jugs. The villains have enough creepiness to make these scenes slimier than they are, so the torture isn’t extreme at all. No blood, but we do get some marks from the torture and some haphazard gun battles unfold. The dialogue is not all that memorable, but some humorous lines sneak past. The jewel thief subplot is just ridiculous, so I have to award a point for the farce of keeping that part of the story alive throughout. On the craziness scale, we have the torture, totally bonkers jewel thief plot, and so many cute cuddles. Ok so the cuddles aren’t that crazy, but I needed to include them one last time. Not a super off the wall flick, but it does have some quirky moments and of course, the 70s vibe adds some fun.

Nudity: 7/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 1/10

Overall Insanity: 3/10

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