Plot: Mr. Ueno (Masayoshi Nogami) is an old man in his waning years, so he spends a good deal of time thinking about the past. He recalls his youth, his parents, and other elements of his life, but he mostly ponders his true love. Maria (Akiho Yoshizawa) had been in his life since he was a child, reading him stories, cooking his meals, and while she wasn’t always skilled at her work, the two had a genuine bond. Of course, she was also a robotic servant, but that didn’t dampen their friendship, though as he got older, he wanted more than friendship. But unable to install a sexual function upgrade, Ueno was never able to pursue a full relationship with Maria. Now in his old age, he still talks to Maria, even though her battery had been dead for a long while. While he pines for his love, a robotic rapist prowls the streets attacking random victims, but can anyone stop the android assaults?

Entertainment Value: I should mention upfront that Maid-Droid runs about 45 minutes, so longer than most short films, but not quite feature length. The movie tells a full story however, mixing two similar, but distant narratives that focus on robotic affection. I found the robotic rape machine to be insane, given that it was a robot dog hunting down human women to rape, but the movie manages to kind of make some sense of the thread as it concludes. This robot rape angles gets multiple scenes, but the real focus is on Maria and Mr. Ueno. The story is a sad one for the most part, as odd as it might sound. As a fan of Cherry 2000, I know the passion a man can have for a robotic companion, so it wasn’t as jarring as it might be for some. There is a little texture of exploitation and creepiness, but not as much as you might expect. The bizarre rape robot subplot aside, Maria’s side of the narrative has a sweet, sad vibe that is broken up at times by silly humor and some upskirt shots. I found Maid-Droid to be an interesting, offbeat movie that is more than worth a look for fans of unusual cinema.

This is a movie about a man and his robotic maid, as well as a rapist canine robot, but there’s not as much sleaze as you might think. An early scene has some brief breast exposure, then we have some bare ass later on. Maria provides numerous upskirt shots, but they’re never graphic. The rape scenes are tense, but kind of diffused given it involves a robot dog wagging its tail. No blood. A little violence and of course the rape sequences, but no bloodshed. The dialogue can be creepy at times, which is fun, but also has bursts of mean spirited verbal assault and oddly serious moments that add some awkwardness. The scene where a girl suggests robot love is immoral and gets attacked is off the wall and ridiculous. The craziness is high here too, I mean we have a robot love story and a canine robot rapist, right? The movie isn’t always over the top insane, but it maintains a creepy vibe and has numerous wild moments.

Nudity: 1/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 4/10

Overall Insanity: 7/10

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