Plot: As the citizens of San Francisco are hunted down by a madman known as The Zodiac, some people just want to put on a toupee and have some fun. Such a person is Grover (Bob Jones, an old and bitter man who loves to sweet talk the ladies, but hates when they tear off his rug and call him a bald headed bastard. He is an angry man with little impulse control, weaving lies about himself to strangers and bursting into violent rages at times. On the other hand we have Jerry (Hal Reed), who is also a bitter man, but this mailman keeps his rage inside, even when a woman on his route throws her mail on the ground right in front of him. With no real leads or suspects, two men like Jerry and Grover might be persons of interest in The Zodiac killings, since they both seems to have inner demons to contend with. But is either man responsible for the brutal murders or will the mystery go unsolved?

Entertainment Value: The Zodiac Killer starts off with good intentions, to retell the tale of a murderer in true crime fashion. This means early scenes have roots in the real life events, down to some minor details for realism sake. But soon enough, the movie spirals into madness and becomes a fun, over the top roller coaster ride. I can’t overstate my love for Grover, the old man who wears the terrible toupee. I love dysfunction and this dude is prime real estate in that neighborhood, a bitter and easily triggered man who never ceases to entertain. His interactions with those around him are the highlights of the movie for me, as he is just outlandish and hilarious to watch. If you wanted a kind of serious take on this infamous case, you might be let down when things take a turn toward outrageous, borderline slapstick humor, but if you just want to be entertained, this movie does that and then some. Yes, the movie is laughable and seems unhinged at times, but that is what makes it so damn fun. I’d never argue that this is a cinematic masterpiece, but it is brisk, wild entertainment. If you appreciate offbeat movies and dysfunctional characters, you’ll want to see this one.

No nakedness. As Grover can’t seem to keep his toupee on and old women are being killed using automobiles in odd ways, no wonder the sex is limited here. Not much blood, but some spurts of blood from gun shots here and there. The knife wounds are hilarious and involve some blood as well, but they’re so ridiculous and wonderful. The bikini girl death is a bright spot, as she dies one of the most awkward, look at the camera and wonder if the scene is over deaths ever filmed. There’s also some other assorted violence, but none results in bloodshed. Ah yes, the dialogue of The Zodiac Killer. This one is packed with mean spirited, dysfunctional dialogue and that just warms my heart to no end. Grover is the king, with his tirades against anyone within earshot and he will even shit talk the police. The way he deals with people is just beyond insane and is a real sick pleasure to watch. There’s also some attempts at social commentary, but come on, we both know they’re ineffective and ridiculous. I loved the dialogue in this one, so much drama and it was all fun to watch. The movie also packs in some craziness, with Grover’s antics, killing elderly women having car troubles, urinating into drinks, and the overall wild, off the rails vibe the film gives off.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 2/10

Dialogue: 8/10

Overall Insanity: 7/10

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